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0.958 That's all I ever heard but otherwise I liked your reply. I believe Link to the Past is the greatest Zelda entry that I've played thus far and the Gamesradar article you linked is in agreement.
0.937 I can definitely see the Switch version being superior, but remember that pretty much everyone who played both versions of TP feels that the GCN version is much better
0.915 I think it's a pretty great game if you play with friends.
0.900 I love the moustache in the cooking one, the beard in lumberjackery and also how link looks so innocent in the wearing warm clothes picture lol
0.896 MM is a perfect compliment to OoT with its focus on interesting and meaningful NPC interaction and sidequests, not to mention the spectacular atmosphere of the game.
0.881 That might not be a bad change to some, but I liked the more effective version.
0.878 All the bosses are good, the items feel good to use, exploration is rewarding, and the story takes a backseat, which is how Zelda games should be in my opinion.
0.869 Skyward sword is great *if* you've played a few of the other Zelda games. The reason I enjoyed it so much was just based on the fact that it's the first instance in the timeline.
0.869 I know there are some complaints about Fi, but I love it anyway. This area is huge, and actually challenging.
0.869 OoT has a perfect balance of dungeons, exploration, and story, and also has maybe the greatest soundtrack in gaming history.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.904 He will slowly come towards you and you will get a strike in. Note that he will defend against you, but eventually you will get him. This is the fool proof way of killing him.
-0.885 And I seem to recall that failing Sakon's cave didn't actually incur a huge penalty, although I could be remembering wrong.
-0.861 I haven't played FS Anniversary Edition, sadly. 5) LA DX 4) TP HD 3) MM 3D 2) WW HD 1) OoT 3D
-0.844 Ghirahim was a bullshit cop out boss and fighting him was lame.
-0.817 In the 3DS version there's only one way to fight him, and I found it really annoying to try to make him line up with the bombs and suck them into his mouth.
-0.816 * Can you shield-surf over a bomb explosion? * Can you shoot an arrow straight up and get hurt by it when it falls back down?
-0.807 After you get your sword back , you can start killing with abandon.
-0.784 A lot of the story we know so far hints to botw being before LTTP and after the imprisoned war.
-0.778 It was a real pain in the ass.
-0.775 The Korok showing up in gameplay was pretty strange and has some weird timeline implications, but I won't go on about that since I'm sure it's been beaten to death.
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