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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.968 It makes me so happy to see how far you've come, and I think it's awesome that you're incorporating strength training now! Best of luck, and keep us posted!
0.943 Messages like these help. And thanks for being such a great parent and role model to a lovely young girl.
0.935 This was an absolute godsend, instantaneous relief. Also works really well on my tight shoulders following long bike rides - again it's instant better :)
0.935 I love burly dudes that are sweet AF, I hope you and your daughter have and keep a great relationship.
0.933 A lot of the progressions require the strength to do pull ups, dips, L-sits, etc., so exercises like those are a good place to start. Hope this helps a little!
0.932 That being said, most of the folks at all of the gyms I've been to are super friendly and love to help out.
0.927 she is brilliant and has great work, and an e-book you can purchase if you're interested :)
0.923 All of you ladies inspire me everyday, and it's posts like yours that motivate me to keep going. Thank you. We're all gonna make it :)
0.923 "jumping" but without the clap) would help with both developing enough strength and with your confidence, though.
0.916 As long as I love myself I am always loved, as corny as it sounds it gives me so much strength!

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.896 I also have the issue of managing to hit like 10 reps for 1, but then being tired out after, even if I add only 5 pounds. This has been a bit frustrating and discouraging.
-0.836 You might be thinking "how is that a victory?" I've been terrified to fail, so I might not have been pushing myself as hard.
-0.827 And don't *fucking* touch me, what the hell is wrong with you?'
-0.801 It drove me nuts and I was too mentally weak to challenge him or not care. Bad relationships = bad choices all around, IMO.
-0.794 I know that whenever I end up binging, I feel so disappointed and ashamed in myself afterwards that all I want to do is lie down and make it go away.
-0.791 Generally, by the time most of us are assertive enough to get these guys to fuck off, we've aged out of the zone of harassment.
-0.784 Fortunately for my baby ass hands, I use gloves already since there's no chalk at my gym for grip, and I'm trying to avoid calluses .
-0.771 Holy fuck people can really suck sometimes.
-0.765 They may react to it by being nasty or slink off and look like you killed their puppy.
-0.747 I don't know if I'm a ~special snowflake~ but I have no problem having cake on my birthday and going right back to keto.
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