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0.972 I am from Aus so a bit far away but if I so happen to win, please instead of giving me a game, could you please go and grab some food and give it to homeless in your city or donate to a good charity.
0.968 My two best friends both have BF1 & constantly tell me in party chat how awesome it is...I'd love to play with them!
0.959 343, because I love Titanfall and my girlfriend loves playing it with me and it would make her really happy as well :)
0.958 You can for sure still find players but not of them are pretty good at this point. Saying that something like Warzone is still incredibly fun.
0.957 I'd definitely go with FINAL Fantasy XV, I'd love to give it to my girlfriend as she's a huge fan of the series too and she'd be really happy :)
0.951 If you like beautiful and immersive games such as Zelda you'd love the Witcher 3 :) welcome to the community!
0.949 This is awesome, if I win I will pick something me and my sons can enjoy together, make it a special "santa" gift
0.949 I'm hoping AOT sells well not only beause its a really fun game but because it'll hopefully mean that Omega will being Berserk to me xD I could always play the Vita version though
0.939 That's a pretty awesome deal, I'd say pull the trigger. Destiny has a ton of content right now, and IW is a pretty great game.
0.938 I somewhat agree, but I do enjoy the rare ads that offer free rewards , sweepstakes, or little mini-games.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.940 You forgot to mention that if a Titan melees an enemy Doomed Titan, it starts an execution that kills the enemy instantly.
-0.931 It's like everything wrong with Codename 47 and Silent Assassin, but with even worse gameplay and stealth. Death to All Spies was alright, but this is terrible.
-0.924 You may own the disc, but you're never playing that game again. > Hell, a more recent example is actually Destiny on 360 and PS3, you can't even play half of the stuff you used to be able to play.
-0.891 If you have severely negative karma, you will be filtered from some smaller subs on reddit, including this one, to combat spam and blatant trolling.
-0.888 Xbox One: Death Trap Killer Instinct Season Xbox 360: The Cave Rayman: Origins
-0.881 I hated these stupid pointless comments Over 95% of the people are gonna disagree with the comment anyway, what's the point of even posting a comment
-0.874 sure I get frustrated sometimes, but I'm always in a party even if I'm playing solo, so no one in game chat hears me curse if I'm having a particularly bad game.
-0.865 I was on the fence for this game for quite a while because I played the hell out of 1 and 2 and I didn't really see 3 as a major upgrade, but damn was I wrong.
-0.863 Using this method, I could stream on Very High settings with no issues. Be warned that the connection will fail every 15 minutes as some sort of online connectivity check fails.
-0.852 If you have shit internet, your experience is going to be shit no matter what.
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