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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.930 Good job Aaron. Haha, hope the mother was a good bang. I smirk a little and just maintain a sensitive grin.
0.898 Perhaps they're an avid tennis player and you'd like to highlight their ambition and drive to win through talking about a particularly competitive match that they're in the middle of?
0.890 The instructor had told him to stay where he was but Kevin couldn't stand another boring monotonous minute! - It's late so I've only looked over the first chapter, I hope some of this is helpful!
0.889 > I got carried away at times because I really love some of the characters I made. It happens to me so much with this novel, is a good feeling.
0.885 I'm a little rusty but still want honest critique, feel free to tell me if it's garbage. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1EPgJCWkbZd0-o8fztIBj3_4hsPDCCQX7N0pie3iWlfQ/edit?usp=sharing
0.863 They don't have to be perfect, or good or even remotely satisfying, you just need to cause change to happen.
0.856 Will they forge bonds of friendship, or even love as they adventure together?
0.856 Look at what you're promising, and whether or not you are fulfilling the promises you've made in interesting or engaging ways.
0.852 Good, very good answer my friend.
0.848 Or maybe your setting is delicious and you'd like to establish that, first, then zoom in on your character as they go about the fantastical setting? Och.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.952 The implied consequences of failing or insulting the villain are so bad thay other characters are geniuinely in fear of their lives.
-0.938 You can go for the 'wham' opening and make your villain do something incredibly violent or scary which sets up later instances of fear.
-0.927 I do worry about losing because of a freak Google accident because I'm terrible at remembering to backup stuff.
-0.916 Life is so, even fiction has been much used to "sugarcoat it", but after some time now has become more realistic, more tragic, more cruel as life is.
-0.908 Man you just bitch, bitch, bitch everywhere you go.
-0.893 And they're shit. I don't think being shit is as bad as people think.
-0.872 Involves incest, murder, cannibalism, madness, and despair.
-0.872 Your biggest problem might be that you're still "thinking" about your villain in the context of a larger story, when you can't develop a villain as a separate piece from your narrative.
-0.840 Not bad because it's necessarily offensive on the surface level, but bad because at that point that's just writing without any self-awareness.
-0.827 Or will they find betrayal and death?
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