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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.965 DH does AOE tanking better than us but we still do a pretty good job especially if you take the blessed hammer talent.
0.956 I was in a similar situation for a few expansions in a row where I really enjoyed playing with the group but we made 0 progress which was the main thing I enjoyed in wow.
0.955 I will always look back on Wotlk with fondness and great memories of friends and time spent in a game I truly loved.
0.948 Wow is the game I've played with most passion, made many new friends and loved every minute of it.
0.946 Fury is a spec with risk but no reward, shadow priests have a risk reward play style done right, risk but rewarded with someone of the best dps possible.
0.940 In legion I joined a new guild, have cleared heroic multiple times and now enjoy the new people I play with so I'd recommend it if progression is hindering your fun.
0.936 I tried Warlords and enjoyed the opening segment but never really had time to enjoy the content - so that would still be fresh for me as well. EDIT: Thank you for your replies.
0.935 Ret Paladins are very powerful in PvP and Pve if you have good gear but on the other hand it can feel too easy to play.
0.935 The HPS output is slightly behind overall but Disc has pretty good burst healing, good utility, mobility and brings significant DPS.
0.934 You laugh but transmog is a decent indicator on how good someone is. Does he care about his toon enough to make a nice transmog?

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.949 I think a big thing you're missing is that Sylvanas killed his son, and that as far as he knows they abandoned the alliance to die on the broken shore.
-0.944 Same thing with a bad tank, a single good dps, 2 bad dps and a bad healer, that single good dps is gonna croak because they pulled threat off the bad tank, and didn't live because the bad healer.
-0.931 got all my kills and killed the tower commander, and then i just waited up top for someone to come kill him alone.
-0.927 I'm mage but I hate them human mages, just kill em,they were my former colleagues.
-0.923 It may be oversimplified but generally I doubt anyone calling you a retard or telling you to kill yourself in a video game is a very well rounded human being if that makes sense.
-0.922 Death Knights in all three specs are in a rough spot , Fury is useless, Frost Mage is Useless, Survival Hunter, etc etc etc.
-0.910 Not only that, but I really struggle with MoP raids now, the lack of self-heal besides the healing surge makes Enhance really bad at soloing
-0.908 It decreases over time, but not fast enough to stop those that completely ignore mechanics from going crazy. ...and then asking if there's a way to avoid that afterwards.
-0.905 Spreading plagues and what have you doesn't appeal to me, but I do miss raising dead to fight along side me. Blood?
-0.899 Havoc DH here, I strongly believe that they need the nerfs, killing things is so mindless on DH
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