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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.929 If you can win without war, many people will support your effort. If you can win without war, few people will oppose your cause and that opposition will be weak.
0.922 SAFEs action was anti-religious bigotry but perfectly acceptable on a progressive campus like this, since leftists regard Jews as white and Israel as a capitalist/imperialist state.
0.920 I love your country, amazing place, great people.
0.910 Yes the world has been shite in the past, but if you're a good bloke leading a good and friendly life, I'm not gonna hold you responsible for your great-granddad being a psycho cunt.
0.897 People might not like those reasons, but they might appreciate the honesty and the reasoning enough to support regime change.
0.886 They're a moral and ethical nation of priests, intellectuals and scholars that wants what's best for the world!
0.836 Wow, this is great stuff.
0.807 >How Is Martin Sheen Any Different Than Vladimir Putin? Well, one is a citizen of the US, where there is protected free speech.
0.807 And so they lick their asses and get paid handsomely in return, like the good little Pavlovian dogs they are.
0.791 In contrast, Trump supporters have far warmer feelings towards whites than supporters of other candidates.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.963 > Silence is golden to these fu@kers. See no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil -- they're well-trained monkeys.
-0.941 Government officials taking money so that wealthy billionaire plutocrat criminal terrorists can get away with mass murderous attacks on the American people -- doesn't that amount to treason?
-0.939 No borders, no order, no jobs, no money, you have terrorists that slipped through with refugees causing chaos.
-0.937 anti-Semite, Islamofascist, terrorist, Nazi, white supremacist, Czarist, nativist, Holocaust denier, racist, isolationist, etc. "Conspiracy theorist" is just another Zionist propaganda pigeonhole.
-0.919 soldiers off to fight wars for Israeli Jews and poisonous, fake "liberal" international Zionism.
-0.913 Constitution, and trying to force the American people to fight more wars for Israel and international Zionism. The Ziinists are already probably guilty of crimes against humanity for lying the U.S.
-0.906 You should be off in the Mideast fighting wars for Jews with your Talmudist, Zionist, and labor socialist rabbis instead of working day in and day out to get Americans to fight your wars.
-0.897 The Zionists are ultimately doomed by the curse of their own god, and so are their whores.
-0.888 > hate against Jewish people, then how can they understand the real problem of sexism and Racism in America?
-0.878 And it all started when you let the rabbis get away with their dirty deeds because you've been systematically brainwashed to be a bodyguard for sick and sinister money-changer cult. Grow a spine.
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