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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.987 I won't vote for evil, but since obviously evil wins anyways, it isn't wrong or contradictory to hope that the lesser evil is the winner.
0.962 Sorry but I'm pretty sure I am not the only one who feels like our governments "intelligence" isn't anything circumstantial to really impact whatever it is they're hoping to gain.
0.946 Deeds are not necessary at all but your faith should drive you to do good deeds if you are truly faithful.
0.946 I could say the same for the military, but I don't want every poor person enlisting. Ask why you feel a sense of pride when your country wins a medal by running fast?
0.946 Deeds are not necessary at all but your faith should drive you to do good deeds if you are truly faithful.
0.939 Haha this was perfect for Putin, he's been looking for a way out of this situation for a while and trump being elected gave him the perfect opportunity to back off without appearing weak.
0.936 So I'm really happy to see EU giving away free tickets. In my opinion it does really provide a great sense for what EU/Europe really is. Edit: And it's not even that expensive.
0.934 He won the office by telling anyone who could offer a modicum of support that he loved them and thought they were brilliant.
0.934 People need to not say dumb shit like that, don't say controversial shit without thinking about the consequences riots can easily form from shit like this.
0.922 Thanks :) I do pretty well actually :)

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.968 >But I wonder, **do some men hate rapists with such vengeance and murderous hatred because they feel it as more of a property violation?
-0.967 "woman, assaulted by cop who lost his job, found dead in Holloway prison cell" And removing the participle phrase: "woman found dead in Holloway prison." Nothing wrong about it.
-0.966 Some strains cause warts but no cancer, some cause cancer but no warts.
-0.966 I might be wrong but in the case of an Islamist terrorist, which seems to be the largest source of terrorism in France, isn't the Islamist more interested in killing in the name of Allah?
-0.963 maybe he killed himself and someone else found the gun and didnt want the person to be seen as a person who killed himself and hid the gun to make it appear he was murdered?
-0.958 Some man who rapes a teenager may not go on to rape another teenager, but may rape an adult, but how does the crime get labeled in statistics?
-0.954 Three members of the Sikh community were injured. - March 22, 2016: Suicide attacks on the Brussels airport and subway killed 32 people and injured hundreds.
-0.953 Not only did they do that but they also pulled other people into war once they failed pulling more regions in. Germany didnt start the war, but they made it a world wide event.
-0.952 Terrorism is violence used for political reasons, killing an ambassador is clearly terrorism.
-0.949 People that hate muslims are just simple bastards that don't understand any large group of people will always contain some murderous assholes.
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