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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.836 The World Cup is not about inclusion and making people happy, it's about putting the best in the world up against each other and seeing who comes out victorious.
0.823 Good point, 48 teams will definitely benefit the smaller countries.
0.820 Americans are slowly coming around to the sport, but a majority of the fans either played in youth, were brought on by zealot friends, or come from a heritage where futbol is more popular.
0.784 That's an over 200 team tournament. A 48 team tournament is clearly too much. The confederations that are performing the best in the last two world cups are Concacaf and comnebol.
0.765 If you want to play on a top-flight soccer team, your parents have to be wealthy or you don't get to play.
0.746 They teach things like "CLEAR THE BALL" on defense even if nobody is close.
0.655 Also, the MLS is destructive when potential talents go there and stagnate for years and become completely satisfied with comfortable mediocrity.
0.625 That's why Germany has such a huge amount of young talent coming up right now.
0.625 Fayetteville Lighting is a great example.
0.612 32 is just the perfect number.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.796 No he loves them...except for calling them rapists and murderers
-0.772 I hated the changed Euro format this year, it was ridiculous.
-0.625 Unfortunately 32 isn't perfect for smaller countries who want to grow the game.
-0.625 > Unfortunately 32 isn't perfect for smaller countries who want to grow the game.
-0.612 Is Mexico going to play better mad because no more illegal immigration?
-0.572 And watching juggernauts like Spain Destroy which ever team is at 46-48 in the group stages would not be fun.
-0.557 The 2022 World Cup is going to be the biggest shit show in FIFA history.
-0.542 Youth Coaching is bad.
-0.542 Ad the WC is already a logistical nightmare to host, could you imagine how bad it would be with 16 more teams?
-0.527 Loser buys the wall
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