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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.932 We were just watching the storm because it was very active and quite beautiful and sitting in perfectly clear skies that surrounded it.
0.922 Live by the foma that make you brave and kind and healthy and happy.
0.888 Thank you :) With any luck, I'll get paid to "copy" it :)
0.881 I found a nice explanation here, thanks to /u/normal_whiteman https://www.reddit.com/r/videos/comments/507clv/amazing_mirror_air_experiment_brusspup/d71t8l4 So the way this works is pretty cool.
0.873 Thank you man, I was honestly pretty worried that most people would hate watching a cursor move around on top of a video - glad that you enjoyed it!
0.872 Just seems like its a great way to make a comfortable spot to rest for a bit.
0.872 Celebrating releasing a bag of snakes is like celebrating a law school graduation.
0.863 Not only that, but with a knife like that blood would come rushing out super fast, all over that pile of diced onions...
0.840 Pretty sure that's at least like a 99.5% chance and seems kinda pointless.
0.840 Maybe in the north part, but southern Oregon is pretty nice.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.902 but it's not even funny it's just sad :(
-0.875 ###**Bad Vibes award** For trippy posts that are disturbing, creepy, or scary, and may give some people a bad trip.
-0.818 Some war of the worlds shit right there
-0.811 In the case of power loss it'll go transparent, so something rather odd has to happen for it to fail opaque.
-0.772 But I committed a grave, grave sin in Amsterdam.
-0.772 Damn puberty hit the Star Wars kid hard https://youtu.be/HPPj6viIBmU
-0.763 I bought a clear lock and some picks but the lock is incredibly shitty, you basically have to shove the key really hard to get it to go through each of the springs.
-0.758 Minus the massive disturbance to the surface of the playa that causes dust storms to wreak havoc on the area in the weeks and months following.
-0.751 That shit is useless.
-0.750 This needs to be posted to a more cynical and judgmental subreddit so that someone can tell me what the fatal flaw is, otherwise I might actually have to get my hands on one.
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