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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.967 haha but I am healthy and doing well :D That's for making a game that great !
0.948 Not usually a fan of video game tattoos but I think this one looks great down the spine, definitely the best placement for it.
0.944 I tell friends that know me well that I fell in love with this game like I fell in love with Morrowind years back.
0.943 Well that's most single player games I think what's more commendable is their amazing DLC model, some free quests and armor with 2 amazing expansions well worth their price
0.943 Thank you, CDPR! I think this subreddit is an excellent example of the undying gratitude and loyalty you have secured with your customers.
0.942 On one hand, Id pee with happiness and joy everywhere like my dog does sometimes. On the other hand nah.
0.942 I love the graphics, I love the theme, I love the storyline and huge non-lineair world..
0.938 I felt the urge to support a company that goes the extra mile like these folks and puts in the love and care we hope to see and it shows tenfold.
0.932 My ancestors came from Ireland long, long after the Tea Party happened, and I would definitely not take any frustrations out on perfectly good tea leaves.
0.932 These folks are dedicated and there is no better way to win gaming folks over than to both make an excellent game, and thank them for spending their money on it!

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.942 Emma Watson NO NO NO! That would ruin any movie instantly She is awful.
-0.930 Iris' Wraith however, she can die in a fire while eating several tonnes of shit on NG+ Death March.
-0.922 There are many problems in the world and many of them are even more important than NN: poverty, cancer, AIDS, malaria, war, drug cartels and so on.
-0.916 Yen is more like an angry waifu while Eva's "murderous evil witch" face won't work for the role.
-0.910 Similarly to poverty, war, cancer, road safety and many other problems in the world.
-0.902 Will they turn Vesemir into the opposite of his established character, make him bitter and hateful and have him die for no reason so a stronk female Witcher can move rocks?
-0.902 I feel so lazy but holy shit it's very frustrating having to ride roach through Crows Perch to get to the armorsmith
-0.896 Sorry, but fuck that shit.
-0.893 I want to see you defeat the worst nightmare on death March without quen
-0.880 So we finally get to meet in #3 and she's kind of a bitch, we get to shag and is into the freaky shit.
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