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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.923 Great game, great community, great sub.
0.920 Well, my deck is super heavily punished by aoe clears which seem to be everywhere right now, but other than that it's pretty great.
0.917 Keep in mind that there's great honor in Gwent, you don't just take someone else's cards, you have to play for them =)
0.896 Thanks for all the criticism but I love my tattoos and nothing will change that :)
0.893 Look how much profit and fame Poland received because of this masterpiece.
0.886 Great inspiration, thanks for your comment:)
0.877 ie every PS4 award could have gone to bloodbourne and other games could still have more awards because there are more PC awards.
0.873 Just got mine :D Its very nice, lots of nipples lol.
0.856 For what I have read, it is one of the best translations, probably THE best one.
0.852 Yes, I did and it's the greatest game I have ever played.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.869 He's only carrying a faggot, you faggot.
-0.859 Except when you accidentally do too much damage and make them explode early and you're on death march and get one shot.
-0.836 Damn I didn't go after Syanna because I thought her offer was sketch as fuck and I didn't trust her, so I didn't do it.
-0.791 If it's made of so many different people with different background and standards its my right to be annoyed by stupid jokes that take no effort and make you look like an elitist idiot.
-0.778 Sheeeeeit this shit is bomb yo.
-0.771 The game scales and enemies do more damage.
-0.765 Would have ruined that whole scene. One guy even wrote a whole cringey as fuck song.
-0.765 One merchant prisoner has the black infantry archer card which has 10 attack power
-0.751 i use strong attacks after counterattacking or dodging the enemy and fast attacks when they're defending
-0.751 I mainly just did all the question marks and loot all enemy weapons and sell them
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