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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.978 Namely, happy and at peace spiritually, and also on the side of good. Mr Rogers on the other hand believed everyone could be kind, loving, gentle, and helpful.
0.970 His greatest strength, though, was his ability to arouse great feelings of loyalty in his troops and he was felled by the greatest European blunder: Russia But that's just my $.o2
0.962 If even the faith of the Red God could gain a foothold in Westeros, certainly Jesus performing miracles and spreading quite a positive message would gain support.
0.957 Been playing Initium, Planetside and Pokemon Ruby lately, might get Skyrim soon but I dunno. Naughty Dog are pretty great, I loved Uncharted 1-3 and The Last Of Us.
0.950 I choose other and write in my vote: **Podrick Payne** Super nice guy, well liked by everyone, not a dickhead, capable of great things.
0.947 Thank you for this beautiful post. Knowing Napoleon so well, do you think he would do well playing Risk with Ghengis Khan, Julius Caesar, and Alexander the Great?
0.945 It's a pretty big catch, but you can amend the wish as you like, so your brother could come back older, or younger, or with a perfectly healthy body that's conditioned for nen combat.
0.939 He thinks you're a wise hero, and a charitable brave altuist who just needs some encouragement and direction.
0.937 As for the entire metro area, coming in at 37.8 million, it would take a little longer, but if Flash could clear all of Tokyo in 30 seconds, he has a good chance at winning.
0.936 After pearl harbour for the love of god do not declare war on America, even with the declaration of war the US had a hard time selling the war in europe.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.963 In addition to killing people and stealing shit, I'm willing to bet a large portion of the purgers are high as fuck on illegal drugs.
-0.948 I can't remember how exactly, but his "main" copy died when the Death Star was destroyed
-0.947 Woman posts cheating story on Reddit - OH YOU POOR THING! Man posts cheating story on Reddit - FAKE FAKEY FAKER!
-0.940 Desertion or running from battle was punished by being beaten to death with clubs by the men of your own unit that you put in danger.
-0.936 Speedforce protects his Brows of Fury while unleashing untold scratchy hell on his poor, poor victim.
-0.932 If the romans lose, in a battle containing all their forces, almost all their forces will have been killed, since most troops die while routing.
-0.927 Hate HATE HATE DC.
-0.926 Harry Potter - they find the basilisk, kill it, stab Harry with a fang, wait until he is almost dead , then heal him with Fawkes.
-0.926 Particularly >Harry Potter - they find the basilisk, kill it, stab Harry with a fang, wait until he is almost dead , then heal him with Fawkes.
-0.925 Really, the regular, slow, dumb zombies that can be fooled by spreading zombie guts on yourself and that can be snuck up on and easily killed by a small girl with almost any weapon are bad enough.
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