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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.980 I don't have any team loyalties, but I enjoy watching the games, because it's fun to take the time to appreciate good plays from either side of the field :D
0.980 I love that dog and I love that old man and I love that girl and I love OP and I love you and I love everything that exists.
0.978 Otherwise it's even better, it sings: We wish you a merry Christmas We wish you a merry Christmas We WISH you a merry Christmas *lock* And a happy new year!
0.975 I won't be on as much as I would like but I will love all the members of our wonderful little community whenever I can. I hope to see all your beautiful souls there as much as possible!
0.974 It's not really a meme, but I think it's still adorable and nice enough to fit here, made me feel nice and gave me a bit of a chuckle, which is what r/wholesomememes is all about :)
0.973 I say happy holidays even though I still celebrate Christmas, is me saying happy holidays giving the impression I don't celebrate Christmas?
0.968 I'm happy now thanks to you OP :) EDIT: I don't know why but I feel like I have the best of luck, and it's worth a shot!
0.963 Sounds like lots of fun though, I'm glad you got to spend time with them, I hope your Christmas was great :D
0.961 Happy Holidays :) And Happy New Years unless you chose not to follow the Gregorian calendar, which I totally understand and respect :)
0.961 It's a truly wonderful post and I'm hoping it will make my friends happy as well when I share it with them.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.961 I was getting so tired of the constant flood of memes about depression and suicide, about how much life sucks, how being an adult sucks, how everything sucks.
-0.950 It's like he could say "I don't enjoy meatboy because i'm terrible at 2d platformers" and the internet would go "HE THINKS MEATBOY IS SO BAD YOU SHOULD KILL KITTENS!!!" ...
-0.949 It's difficult yes, but it worked for me and I was severely suicidal and depressed.
-0.946 this one is balancing a thin line between killing enemies or getting killed by enemies. ~~wholesome~~
-0.919 Gordon Ramsay has such a bad rep, when he's just so pure and has no time for people serving bad food/straight up DANGEROUS food/bad service.
-0.917 Living with untreated anxiety and depression is absolute hell :(
-0.904 I'm far too negative, hurtful, and I've done some regrettable things this year that I can't take back and can never forgive myself for.
-0.902 Try no to ruin shit for others just because you are too lazy to communicate in a humane way.
-0.891 Every day I am either stressed thinking about work and other shitty life stuff or I am trying to rest so I can stop thinking for a little while dreading Monday where the cycle repeats.
-0.881 I know he's sick and he'll probably die without me ever seeing him again because of me being a coward.
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