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Ten Most Positive Sentences

Score Sentence
0.812 Haha, that's awesome!
0.784 I think he did a really great job of looking like he couldn't figure out how to put his popcorn down.
0.784 And with her third and final wish, Florence rubbed her magic pickle jar wishing for a clone of herself as a tall, strong man.
0.778 I didn't check what sub I was in and was momentarily convinced I stumbled into r/art and this was some new age masterpiece in the making.
0.751 ah yes, delicious [veel]
0.714 Great method, but give credit where it's due.
0.709 Lol so true.
0.657 I was really hoping this was gonna be from /r/nottheonion but somehow I'm still not disappointed
0.637 The best part is there's absolutely nothing creepy about that whatsoever.
0.637 I love that the old lady opens it first.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.890 Why why WHY does everything have to rhyme? I can even handle the "secret" of the air pump, but the rhymes are so forced and painful.
-0.771 i haven't laughed that hard in ages, it killed me
-0.752 The only facial expression muscles they are working out is in the attempt not to laugh your ass of while you are doing it.
-0.683 I got tired of accidentally dropping my phone into the crevice between my seat and the center console, and this solved that problem.
-0.681 The lot next to us is an empty dirt lot and all the houses around us/behind us have dirt backyards.
-0.670 Bob finally got that revenge he always wanted against the car that cut him off earlier.
-0.660 If i fucked up and did this, what do I do?
-0.649 That is how you get a tank of dead fish in filthy, filthy water.
-0.645 I almost believe he's that stupid, because he tried so hard.
-0.636 No problem!
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