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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.960 Interesting :) thank you :) my great great grandmother wasn't a wealthy woman and I guess quality control on costume jewelry wasn't high at the turn of the century ;)
0.925 Thank you :) good to know :) I figured as much haha.
0.852 Ecstasy goes great with everything!
0.848 Yeah, thank goodness because if a man touches a menstrual cup his entire body just powers down like a robot, never to reboot.
0.832 I know it's solved, but here's a pretty cool video with some close ups of the process.
0.820 It kinda looks like an urn, but if anyone has any info that'd be awesome!
0.807 Good to know :) Solved!
0.802 The hero we need, not the hero we deserve.
0.802 The way the capacitors are combined looks really interesting if they are generating a single output frequency - I'd love to see a schematic and understand some of the math
0.791 I think your story is better than the truth so I'm going to believe the old man liked yelling and waving from his perch.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.848 Take a bite: Broken teeth: kiln support Dead: rat poison
-0.827 Medical bills, pain and suffering, and lost wages are good examples of damages. So to go back to where we began: you'll get a coupon.
-0.812 Boy did we show them who can kill defenseless animals!*
-0.747 Aren't the only effective oral steroids fucking horrible for your liver?
-0.736 Don't get emergency pill information from a bunch of unqualified jackasses on Reddit. If it's not here - https://www.drugs.com/imprints.php its probably illegal.
-0.735 This is the wrong answer for several reasons: First of all, the actual material this is made out of is all wrong.
-0.718 "just like they may have a negative reaction to tobacco." Wtf
-0.710 Southie has historically been a moderately bad part of Boston and in the last decade begun gentrifying at a crazy rate.
-0.710 \>_> Prob should add *breaking ampoules filled with unknown liquids in enclosed spaces* to your list of things not to do. This time it was just a stink bomb.
-0.697 They were magnetically help open and then when the fire alarm was tripped they'd close. so i'd have a dozen or so doors booby trapped for the next time there was a test of the system.
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