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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.954 I really hope he wins some awards himself, his scene with Ford and Bernarnold at the end of Episode one was absolutely amazing and set the tone for the rest of the story so well!
0.931 I don't remember that- but what's interesting there is if thats true, she's clearly wise enough to know to hide her new awareness from the creators.
0.906 I love this :) and that is a great character choice for a Reddit style.
0.899 Dolores is sharing this "rebellion against God" with key phrases, maybe shared with her thru various avenues by Bernard- again a creation of God himself - who loves the rebellion.
0.896 Just like a video game quest, you have to do the early steps in order to progress - and if you enjoy that game, you actually have fun repeating said quest.
0.875 The slip of paper was her true test of free will, would she be able to accept that her daughter was holding her back and let her go, or would she embrace her chains again.
0.869 As Ford inches closer with giving his creations free will via things like reveries and access to memories, the serpent sees a way to manipulate it.
0.867 Not only in concept, but I think its the best portrait of dolores that I've seen, of all the fan art thats been posted.
0.866 On the surface, yes, it would seem like Elsie is indirectly helping Ford by protecting his intellectual properly.
0.866 I'm skeptical that he has any romantic notions about Dolores at this point, after how he reacted when he found out that he actually *was* the great love of her life.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.958 >the same goes for fake rape claims and the guys get railroaded to prison with a "trial". Are...you saying that men accused of rape are investigated?
-0.923 As far as he's concerned, there's no moral problem with killing, or even torturing the hosts.
-0.922 that's a lot different than killing old confederate robots who were programmed to be murderous villain scumbags, who were recently holding him hostage.
-0.910 Although why Ford would inject him with the suppressed memory of killing Elsie after answering in the negative about having had Bernard hurt anyone before is beyond me.
-0.906 then why would her daughter getting killed by MiB trigger her sentience, if the daughter just gets killed by ghost nation over and over again?
-0.904 For the hosts, their torture and abuse is completely real, and their expressions of suffering are real.
-0.902 I hated that they killed themselves with fire, though.
-0.900 Yes he has deep empathy for the hosts, but where is the empathy for the people Maeve puts in danger, or when she starts having people killed?
-0.886 Like, a drawn out fight brought on by Logan's unwanted advances towards Dolores. Dolores, fearing for William's life - will kill Logan.
-0.882 So, yes, race was a component of the theory, but not the root, hence I fail to see how this idea is racist.
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