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0.939 It'd probably be best to start out by just gathering the info you want to share and posting it yourself. Good luck :)
0.932 A decent link would be useful not just for the sake of giving credit, but also it might help find one in a better format. Specifically, I was looking at the VIM sheet, shared as a PNG on a CDN.
0.893 The designs are beautiful and the support is great.
0.891 http://www.engagewp.com/why-i-no-longer-use-themeforest/ > Elegant Themes Im a personal fan of Elegant Themes and that all started with Divi, one of the most popular themes available for WordPress.
0.884 No answer here but thanks so much for posting the question - I've had this question as well, and some of these replies are extremely helpful!
0.866 I recommend Elegant Themes if you are a beginner or for building a quick, simple site that looks awesome right away.
0.865 Dude this is awesome, thank you so much for sharing this this.
0.863 This is a great use of perspective, and a great demonstration of the power of CSS.
0.856 Awesome job, thank for sharing with us.
0.852 I may actually be happy that the chrome one isn't in 1080p because I only watch netflix on my PC if it's on my second monitor and I'm playing WoW on the other screen.

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-0.829 How the fuck to people figure this shit out?
-0.749 That's a very difficult thing to do, and if you don't get it right it is hurting your image, not helping it.
-0.727 This comic just mocks my sad reality.
-0.707 It loads slower than necessary and the aesthetic is not so nice when you see the site load without the nice background. You are relying heavily on tags.
-0.665 I'm a developer and can make anything functional but it's going to be ugly.
-0.649 Its the sticky notes at work that will be the real killer.
-0.625 Even if they do the worst they will do is tell you to take it down. Once you have the job, remove it from your portfolio until you need it again.
-0.625 I think I've done the worst work already that is getting to know the framework, setting up the server, etc.
-0.624 The fucking bitch.
-0.600 Mistyping your passwords often is not a good reason to ignore this simple rule.
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