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0.883 A proper business would probably be in a better location, and would definitely have better safety measures. And the guy is leaving a 6yr old kid behind, and the kid saw this.
0.847 what it means to live in a free society Most of them seem to live just peacefully in Europe without causing any troubles
0.822 Win the darwin award!
0.821 I think it is much more likely that the makers of this video don't want you to think that BLM might be made up of thoughtful, intelligent, and caring people.
0.784 There's a safe distance where you can watch it unfold from the comfort of wherever you are, like being at a zoo.
0.784 But they have been Muslims for thousands of years and for the most time they were more peaceful and also more prosperous than Europe.
0.778 I'm interested in videos which document people dying in great numbers simultaneously.
0.772 The one that practically walked away from it is super lucky.
0.772 Well played, my anonymous friend
0.758 We do a partial or even occasionally complete job but then the only people that have access to the shit are people who are spending money.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.940 9 peps dead, 50 hurt, but the worst is that they ruined ur christmass. typical christain.
-0.936 Then the gunman was shot by officers. 'Terror attack' Russia speaks of a terrorist attack.
-0.935 The cult insult doesn't even make sense since problems with racism, being underserved, and police violence aren't new to black people.
-0.929 Criminals, none of those people were innocent people most likely...you have to do something bad for someone to want to kill you so bad
-0.925 My girlfriend warned me that I should not watch this "on that horrific death subreddit." I don't have the heart to tell her that this is easily the least horrific video I've seen on here.
-0.917 the problems common to poor people, are not the same as the problems faced by people of color, and the problems faced by LGB people are not the same problems faced by trans people).
-0.902 The penalty for causing death by a rash act is up to five years in prison, a fine, or both.
-0.901 Hmm, I'd say that economic class is a definitive problem in the US but in the US I think that class**ism** is a less pronounced and less ingrained problem than racism.
-0.900 that part confused me, cuz: > A 53-year-old man has been arrested for causing death by a rash act, the police said, adding that investigations are ongoing.
-0.899 Black on black crime is not any more prevalent than violence in any other poor and underserved communities.
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