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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.969 We wish you are merry mememass, We wish you are merry mememass, We wish you are merry mememass, and a happy new sneer.
0.958 That was my initial thought months ago when finding this sub, but they're needed in the market for cheap products and monopoly laws, so nice play wsb, nice play.
0.931 Again, its not just about money, its about the good life; health, wealth, love and happiness.
0.920 Peace and love and massive fucking yolo gains!
0.917 You know, like they say if things sound too good to be true they are too good to be true.
0.916 MA crossovers are the oldest technique ever but they are pretty solid, that said pure price action is great too, volume and price, look at resistance, consolidation, divergence etc...
0.915 IT'S OVER 9000! A 21 month interest free loan is a pretty sweet deal.
0.912 It would have taken a miracle to win under all the shit that was against her odds.
0.908 Trump win is priced in, Clinton win is priced in, Johnson win is priced in, everything is priced in
0.903 god damnit fuck I only saw part of it but I'm pretty sure it's glorious.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.953 That damn evil man, shooting a Nazi unprovoked! How many millions of civilians were murdered by these evil pigs?
-0.951 Shkreli is a schmuck who can suck my Hypno's dick, MYSTIC 4 LYFE fggots AMAZON > $1 IN THE NEXT SECOND OR BAN Edit: banned for "Team Mystic" :( martini shekel is a dirty valor
-0.949 Next thing we want to ban the term faggot, because those people didn't literally got themselves fucked in the ass by their stock.
-0.942 I'd probably hire a Hitman to kill me because I wouldn't have the balls to do it, but it would turn out to be a undercover cop and I'd go to prison for attempted murder of myself.
-0.925 They rush in and throw all their shit in first and then get pissed when I tell them to reroute their shit so that my big ass ducts can fit.
-0.915 who says one of these kids wont grow up to be a WSB faggot and lose all his 370$ on RH and kill himself, before he GETS to college?
-0.903 another put might be a bad idea, but fuck it keep yoloing and prove me wrong
-0.903 Many or most weren't loyal, their vote was forced by fear of a terrible and unqualified candidate taking the Whitehouse.
-0.898 Those fuckers will pick up whatever disgusting shit they can find, fly to the roof of your car and then use it as their dinner plate/table/shitting area.
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