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0.964 Much better than I expected, it looks amazing on my 4k monitor, super clean lines and retains the pixel art feel with some curved edge flair. If there's interest I'd be happy to upscale any others.
0.813 Lol nice nice
0.796 She left her perfectly good HUMAN boyfriend for a BEE.
0.778 Okay good, I will test it on windows 10 :)
0.757 That's pretty neat!
0.735 thank you kind sir!
0.727 You're pretty good.
0.709 This is really interesting, it looks like 1920x1080 is the original size and the "pixel" blocks are not all the same size.
0.680 Thanks for mentioning that m8!
0.670 Pretty sure that's one of those Japanese gates that they have at entrances to Shinto shrines.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.718 o fuck did i forget i'm so sorry.
-0.599 marble death.
-0.542 dude that's slick as fuck, you should post that on /r/tiltshift
-0.542 Too bad we don't have HD photos from other planet / moon surfaces.
-0.511 It's still godawful ugly.
-0.511 I suggested several years ago his website looked dated and needed a makeover, he seemed to be insulted.
-0.392 Red Dead Revolver is the first in the series, but was started by Capcom and finished by Rockstar.
-0.318 I don't subscribe anymore because I can't justify the cost anymore with my current budget pressures .
-0.296 No 1280 x 1024?
-0.273 I just cut them out.).
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