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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.953 I too am not very good at photoshop but I am getting better and things like this inspire me to be better.
0.942 I hope OP finds peace of mind and I hope you too find some kind of love that will help you feel empathy for your fellow men and women.
0.941 Fry is a stupid fellow with a lame job and an cold, metal, asshole for a best friend but in the end, with his tenacity honesty and good character, he gets to live a happy life.
0.937 I don't understand why you find it appealing but I'm glad you found something perfect in your life =)
0.925 Thanks for a good laugh :D PS Try installing OS from a Dropbox.
0.919 *Nana internet hug* You take care -- I wish you all the best with better days to come.
0.913 Amazing amazing amazing!
0.912 Fat people feeling entitled because they have been "opressed", fit douches thinking they are superior to everyone, atheist feeling superior to christians , etcetera.
0.904 "...the best wallpapers I could track down!" It sounded like they already sorted them and these are the best of the lot.
0.902 Combined they give you perfect plot, perfect characters, and perfect animation.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.932 Fuck cigarettes, fuck their taxes, fuck their lobbies and fuck the second-hand smoke.
-0.921 not only cut him out of adamantium but also revive a brain dead dude since he was suffocated, and has no healing ability anymore. they really wanted him dead, like really bad.
-0.917 That would be the worst stadium for a terrorist attack ever.
-0.884 AGELESS BAD ASS !!!
-0.883 This doesn't mean that ping pong is bad or they're right to hate it so much, it's just what's always going to happen when something is tied into shame so deeply within a culture.
-0.878 /r/shitpost Too bad it's fake as fuck.
-0.875 Hell that region of the world uses all sorts of shit for medicine and they may not have even trafficked live tigers but their remains and remains of cubs and shit.
-0.875 I totally forgot that he died :( fuck 2016
-0.859 warning to hoverzoom users: this link will fuck your shit up
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