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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.986 Sadly, I cannot afford at the moment to give anything to your gofundme, but I would like to wish you the very best, and I hope that the support from all these lovely people makes you happy.
0.973 At first he looks scared and reluctant but I hope this brings happiness in his life and hope we all find some love in this era where hatred are being appreciated than love.
0.963 That's a very cool puppet, but honestly, the thing I like best about this video is the guy's passion for puppetry.
0.962 Appreciate the second reply, man. Thanks for being a kind and considerate person, and for encouraging others to be the same. Have a great weekend!
0.960 The US is actually pretty friendly, and I'm sure your friends will spark up some good conversation with all kinds of people..and hopefully spark up some of the world's finest bud.
0.958 I'm not superstitious or anything, but I think if my daughter won a gold medal while I was wearing a specific shirt, I'd wear it the next time she had a chance to win one.
0.957 same great music taste and exceedingly satisfying wipes ;P fun to watch man, congrats on the cheap stabilizer lmao
0.955 They're great to help you wind down and relax at the end of the day and he covers interesting stories, fan mail, and is very relatable when it comes to talking about doing what makes you happy.
0.953 Both were just so fun to watch, I would love to be at a place like this, the atmosphere just sounds so awesome
0.950 *Bah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha aha haha in the background*

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.971 If there's anything I hate it's suicide by cop, they are not robots, they get affected by your death, sometimes killing a perp destroys their lives beyond repair...
-0.971 I've rage cried, fear cried, sad cried, and ugly cried this week.
-0.971 True, but did it die accidentally the same way a person might die accidentally, or was it abuse and/or blatant disregard for it's safety?
-0.964 If people avoided everything that could go horribly wrong by accident , we would all starve from fear of choking on food.
-0.959 I am not super sympathetic normally to dogs anymore than things in general but what kind of sick fuck would do anything to traumatize anything to this degree....
-0.954 You make mistake you deserve to be punished. Driver: PUNISHMENT *Second before crash, all passengers scream as driver pushes break hard.* Mother: Shit, man.
-0.952 Lost it at "I hate hate this part, I hate hate this part".
-0.947 Yeah but by then your parents will be dead so you don't have the guilt of making them sad by killing yourself.
-0.947 Sure the officers won't be in any legal trouble due to a clean shooting but is sure as fuck isn't a nice thing to have been forced to kill another human.
-0.946 18 is still a child with no idea what anything really means, and we train send them to war to kill and be killed.
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