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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.968 > but pretending communism is some blissful heaven is absolute madness. TBF I have almost never heard someone, even a communist, say that it would create a blissful heaven.
0.937 kk thnkx 5 upsnekking my gd friend! u get an unlimit best hookah in hte univers or an cuban cigar collection as far as my snek eyes can c or an infinit best chewin dip.
0.934 best Neaplitian ice cream in my opinion is Chapman's it has great strawberry good chocolate and good vanilla.
0.926 Mexico is beautiful though and has a lot of awesome history, art and film was a huge deal in its history :]
0.922 My verdict is that if you want something super high quality, maybe go for a fancier printing option, but for 20 in a student dig I'm pretty happy with my purchase.
0.921 Awesome dude, excellent job. The mexico flag looks great!
0.913 I'm not a fan of communism, but i admit that flag looks pretty great.
0.904 I've lived here in Barbados pretty much all my life, it was a pleasant surprise to see this pop up and the positive things people have to say.
0.902 The Malamut one is so good and cute. Great work with this flags.
0.902 I mean, they don't quite have the monopoly, but it's pretty close. This comment was brought to you by Hover: The best way to buy and manage domain names.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.929 During World War 2, Finland fought 3 wars: 1) The Winter War against the Soviet Union .
-0.925 Die motherfucker die
-0.923 Reportedly 153 people were killed in a terrorist attack
-0.888 Evidently the problem is that people now forget why monarchies are bad, and how the current state of things is the result of revolution or the threat of revolution.
-0.886 Sorry if some of you took it the wrong way, I never meant to be offensive to Mexico about this comment. EDIT2: You can stop with the threats now
-0.876 I'd like to get it pressed and framed but I'm worried about it being damaged if I take it to the wrong place.
-0.866 Fucking hell if i had a PayPal account id give you motherfucking gold
-0.863 Diefenbaker cried when they picked the new one, I still remember at his funeral when they used the Red Ensign and the Maple Leaf, I felt a little sad for him knowing how much he despised it in life.
-0.863 Dimitri means "cold war terrorist" in American
-0.856 Not being offensive, but I don't like North Koreanized Bolivia flag because square with different colors is bad.
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