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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.980 Oh my gosh, all the pics of you are so beautiful but in the last your smile looks so cheeky and proud like you're so happy, congrats!
0.971 This is so incredibly inspiring, I've always been thin but not necessarily 'healthy' and posts like these inspire me to treat my body better with food and exercise, you look so toned and fit!
0.957 Damn, great job! The confidence in your smile says it all. Since going vegan ~3 years ago or so, I've most definitely gained weight... I just love to eat...
0.957 But she's the best, as are all awesome vegan friends with whom to share awesome vegan stuff with.
0.939 Animals may create art and music but it's only novel not at the level of a symphony or a masterpiece that will be revered for centuries.
0.938 at a festival and then someone else joined in, and another, and another, and then it's a huge crowd. The amount of altruism and positivity in this sub is amazing. <3 you all
0.937 OK, 1) your daughter is super adorable and 2) great for her for not being afraid to stick up for what she believes in!
0.936 It honestly sounds like a fun project that would keep me busy for a day or two; plus all the free meat would save me money.
0.935 I thought that it would be a huge struggle but was amazed of the variety and how easy to find vegetarian food there and it's delicious and nutritionaly sufficient.
0.934 I hope you and your lovely raccoon girlfriend are very happy together :]

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.948 but I don't consider my past self to be bad I was just unaware and living with habits so no i don't think it makes you a bad person
-0.947 > no one will be able to complain about how animals are tortured and the like Because certainly the worst thing about abuse is the people fighting to stop it.
-0.945 I may not like the taste, but I like knowing that there is no chance of me getting anything nasty like fat, cartilage, or stringy tendons in my mouth, gross.
-0.945 They could not give less of a shit about how the animals are being treated, which results in absolutely disgusting, torturous environments and abuse from factory workers.
-0.944 no non vegans create the problem then eat it but by the time they eat the problem the problem has had a little problem that they grow until it can have problems of their own
-0.944 are critical of *our* choices: calling us excessive, dumb, stupid, crazy; mocking us, badgering us, bragging to us as if we are somehow jealous of the meat on their plates.
-0.943 So right, it's like the rape outrage people who hope criminals get raped in prison.
-0.943 Sorry but I live on the San Andreas fault, fracking is a more legit concern at the moment because I don't want everyone I know to die horribly
-0.940 Animals are tortured and mutilated and live short horrible lives before being killed in terrible ways - and this includes the animals that lay eggs and give milk.
-0.937 According to his father, the killing is done via bolt gun as its fast and quick with least amount of pain to the animals since its already stun dead in the brain.
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