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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.962 But yeah I realise the guy was joking but my love for Edinburgh is too great not to defend it :P
0.953 Well best of luck, let's hope the place doesn't have black death or something like that!
0.947 > There's a reason fear-propaganda is so effective - people love to buy in to it, This is why nuts like Alex Jones are popular in the US, targeted fear-porn is very effective.
0.941 It's important to treat people with care and respect, and to communicate and make sure that you are both happy.
0.941 Congratulations, you win the "Funniest Comment in the Thread" award.
0.933 Also, it seems contrary to the idea that the most fortunate in society should help the less fortunate get some of the opportunity which we enjoy.
0.931 > There's a reason fear-propaganda is so effective - people love to buy in to it This is also the reason idiots love the Daily Mail.
0.929 Thanks, they are pretty awesome and relaxing to work too!
0.922 This is even funnier when you remember that Boris and Gove signed a letter saying they support Cameron staying on Like they knew the shit was about to hit the fan
0.919 Merry Fourcandles and a happy Great Escape

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.971 Under these rules, you could get longer in prison for copyright infringement than for manslaughter, rape, grievous bodily harm, or child abuse.
-0.960 I didn't say this, for very obvious reasons, but he was far more likely to be killed in a coach crash or probably a dozen different more causes ahead of terrorism
-0.960 If we can't talk about genocide and murder and rape and assault and violence and sexuality...
-0.954 >which would make the offence as serious as rape, rioting, child cruelty and some firearms offences ffs
-0.948 The far right is synonymous with racism. That's irrelevant to whether it's inherently a terrorist religion as you have just claimed. You are clearly a racist cunt and I've got no time for you.
-0.947 > A Royal Marine is in prison for finishing off a dying Taliban member who had attempted to kill them you are aware that they are rules in war when dealing with wounded enemy combatants?
-0.944 It's really rather sad, forget your gun example, this year train crashes have killed almost as many as terror attacks in Europe and in general people don't fear taking a train.
-0.939 You miss that both extremist Islam and the far right encourage hatred and terrorism. I have no time for racist morons.
-0.939 Tory in so "so fucking stupid, she wants to blindly ignore evidence about the failed war on drugs" shocker.
-0.939 The press and people in this country, including poor people, really fucking hate poor people and blame all our problems on them.
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