/r/undelete Analysis

Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.938 It was a pretty clear joke and pretty funny, just like this time. Listen, what Spez did was pretty dumb.
0.931 It's pretty easy to find small subs devoted to your personal interests that are great places to discuss them.
0.930 He was brainwashed into an act of terror." "This is horrible, but I'm pretty sure this isn't just a hate crime.
0.924 Wow, that's so surprising, normally anti-Hillary people are super afraid to be honest in anonymous forums, you hardly ever hear them speak out against her.
0.916 Sure, I pay taxes on it, but I've just used charity money to make myself richer without contributing any labor or value.
0.912 But they will get it passed I'm sure and we will continue to praise America the land of the free home of the brave.
0.908 It's truly the gift that keeps on giving and the best part?
0.904 The kind of joke that you have to try your best to muster up a sympathy laugh.
0.897 It sounds scummy, sure, but it sounds like that's more a matter of "what would happen if we DIDN'T require something like epinephrine to be easily located on campuses just in case".
0.896 Often, deletions occur due to a desire to make the website friendly for those looking for pictures of cute dogs or funny babies.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.983 A disgusting, vile, violent, criminal piece of shit killed himself during his violent crime spree - and people react by withholding their sympathy, or celebrate his death.
-0.978 See no evil, hear no evil, talk no evil? So the left is scared about scandal and people turning to center and right?
-0.963 Dumb people breeding dumb people is a real fucking problem. Using selective breeding to justify killing everyone who is defective is the problem and is a completely different thing.
-0.960 the mods are scum there, but it isnt "oh we delete everything bad about the dems and keep everything bad about the right" thats just some trump-esc bullshit paranoia.
-0.959 Exactly you can despise an ideology based upon its ideals, but the liberals honestly think that if you hate islam you hate anyone who isn't white which is really retarded and slightly stupid.
-0.955 What a shame we let these terrorists with their terrorist religion in our country." "So a radical Islamist just killed 50 people.
-0.953 You have got to be one hell of a pathetic, spineless, loser to shoot a hundred unarmed people. It is a shame his name was released so quickly.
-0.952 The worst worst terrorist attack in the U.S.
-0.951 Just because one man was a violent attacker doesn't mean the whole of refugees are violent, nor that refugees in the US are particularly prone to violence.
-0.946 Actively targeting innocent people is nothing short of institutional terrorism, trying to fight terrorism by being even worse terrorists.
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