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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.919 but you might be surprised to know how much perfectly good food gets thrown in the trash.
0.848 People who like animals usually like people who love to pet puppies.
0.827 Ok but, how can someone play skyrim and not know about stealing?
0.818 Like, dude, this one here is perfectly fine and it already goes to the toilet by himself.
0.791 wow, your friend is hardcore.
0.751 Happy to help pick up that slack
0.727 The responses are often pretty funny
0.727 trash cans in big cities are pretty reliable for some good scores.
0.710 It's like folk wisdom about a game and how things work in it.
0.700 Whenever I see this get reposted it just seems to get better and better

Ten Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.875 Worst doesn't mean it can't be enjoyable, it's bad in a The Room kind of way.
-0.843 I'm really sad I was stuck at my stupid job and didn't see this.
-0.842 It was in college, I think, but it was still REALLY weird and subtly disturbing.
-0.826 > This post is not in any way a genuine warning about an actual danger Several people in this very thread have reported that their lives have been endangered by this careless behaviour.
-0.823 wtf kind of bullshit is that
-0.807 Being an evil character isn't the same as being the antagonist in your own story, though.
-0.796 I get that, but they must have reeeeeally fucked up to get a -81
-0.796 Oh shit, my bad
-0.791 I think it has something to do with poison, but I could also just be pulling that out of my ass.
-0.777 [He's probably talking about this]. More dangerous than vaccination, still less dangerous than naturally contracted smallpox.
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