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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.949 There are loads of good examples but you get the picture, I hope! And funny achievements are always great to do
0.948 E-sports succeeds because the games that are attractive are usually free to play, free to play online, and/or have a fairly modest upfront cost for equipment .
0.929 I told him to play on easy, but i think its not honourable or shameful for a gamer like him to play like a child on easy mode, because he feels like a bad gamer.
0.929 HM is either a game you've played, so you love it or a game you haven't played so you don't understand why people love it.
0.921 A few times a year, I find a game that I really enjoy, and makes me really happy, just like how a good book or movie would.
0.897 It had a great story, more choices, worthwhile DLC, tons to do on the side, it was just a great game if you were into the series.
0.897 If I were to put a copy of a videogame on a flash drive and hand it to my friend he did not deprive anyone else of a good.
0.888 That way people who love lore like yourself feel rewarded for exploration even more, but they didn't take away the gameplay rewarding powerups, either.
0.878 While it's more expensive than a soccer ball, a home computer doesn't usually need to be very powerful for a gamer to enjoy playing a ranked game with their favorite game that has an e-sport league.
0.875 Snatcher is his only game that's ever interested me enough to play. It's good, maybe even great, and there was nothing like it at the time.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.902 You are used to taking on loads of enemies by yourself as DeWitt, but if you try fighting more than a few enemies at a time without a strategy as Elizabeth it's very easy to die.
-0.893 The Wii U failed as a result of bad marketing and a severe lack of recognizable franchises.
-0.886 In Dark Souls I generally go with heavy weapons because I prefer high risk/high reward attacks rather than fighting a war of attrition with quick attacks.
-0.869 Legend of Dragoon because there's no way in hell I'm beating it in 24 hours
-0.863 that makes the OWatch job harder since you were stupid and had to emotionally act out and say " I KNOW UR CHEATING!!!
-0.840 as for the sad cheaters who cheat for a sense of fulfillment, i do not associate with such types of people.
-0.836 This means no getting one-shotted from across the map, no pumping half a clip into someone and then getting killed in two shots, etc.
-0.818 if person A is cheating, why would you say "Lol sad ur cheating person A.
-0.815 Heroes may carve out a small audience but it can only get so big I think. I think eSports on sports TV is a terrible dumb idea.
-0.813 There are a variety of achievements for killing a certain number of enemies with each weapon type or using a particular power so many times.
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