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Ten Most Positive Sentences

Score Sentence
0.695 Got it right in the title though so happy Christmas
0.670 Gotta love that historic side-eye!
0.670 Oh man, I love him!
0.659 That's a great episode!
0.637 I'm in love with her
0.612 My neighbor keeps replying to my "thank you" with "thank YOU" every time she opens the door for me when I have my hands full with bags + kid.
0.572 Yeah, he's just like, "I think it's time for an oil change and tire rotation."
0.557 Edgy 16 year old Daedalus128 was in love with them, I'm glad they existed, but they should only exist in F7U12
0.555 I get that medieval artists didn't consider photorealism the be-all end-all like we do, but that guy seriously does not give a shit.
0.527 That's a fabulous blanket

Ten Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.898 I had a baby a couple months ago and I tore so bad all the way to my ass crack that I still get a painful tug when I sit due to the way it's healing.
-0.888 The title adds an unexpected layer of what the fuck to a post already jam packed with what the fuck. What the actual fuck?
-0.817 >Your existence alone is punishment enough. Fucking savage.
-0.802 Socrates died for that shit, man
-0.778 Me, being the smartass kid I was, noticed from before that my teacher liked to censor any bad words whenever we watched a movie.
-0.765 "Nah your head just spinning cause we're stuck in this ridiculous medieval perspective now gimme the damn D"
-0.750 This kid sitting next to me literally told me "man, shut your ass up." Most embarrassing moment of my life.
-0.727 They sure went through with some hardcore as fuck torture methods in ye Olde times
-0.700 Damn this one hurts
-0.696 The worst. "Are you blushing?!?
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