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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.963 I'm glad your life is great, really truly, nothing in this life is permanent, the best we can do is leave a positive impression on others.
0.944 I've got some good friends that buy in bulk from peeps and are always happy to share the love or let me buy a bit off of em.
0.936 Me and one of my best friends were celebrating his birthday by getting toasted and going somewhere fun.
0.934 It's funny to me that this is awesome news here since over on /r/vaporents we just accept this as fact XD
0.932 My favorite studio album of theirs is Blues for Allah, but like all great jazz bands their music is made to be played live.
0.932 I woke up on top of an Oreo yesterday and I felt bad about myself but this made me feel better so thank you xD
0.932 Im thankful for my luck being born in Colorado but I hope one day all 50 states can have the same weed paradise
0.929 Don't own a pax but I'll say the MFLB is super easy to clean.
0.926 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
0.923 Not relevant for me but it's really nice of you guys to care OP thanks for the images

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.925 It doesn't seem like such a bad way to go otherwise. EDIT: I've watched two family members die of Alzheimer's and I've seen two horror-stricken men die.
-0.922 Do you think those videos of drunk people doing stupid shit are just crazy people who happen to be drunk?
-0.897 I wouldn't, I have a feeling it could be related to those synthetic cannabis products which are bad bad bad
-0.893 When you create something as futile and ignorant as a war on drugs and treat those who sell it, legally, as criminals it stops becoming shocking to me.
-0.892 Only had my dealer flake once but the dude was chill as hell and he felt hella bad about it, apologized a ton.
-0.892 I also have friend with shitty lives, o think everyone does, I'm not sitting an ivory tower but it doesn't change the fact that most people are trapped in a prison of their own mind.
-0.891 it could be og kush or strawberry diesel any high end strain but if it's still leafy as hell it won't LOOK good.
-0.878 Cannabis has been proven to kill cancer cells.
-0.875 The letters published in his newsletter are racist as shit, and his voting record is coincidentally not good for colored people.
-0.871 Oh god man, no offense but taking 5 E pills is a terrible terrible idea.
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