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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.964 "Koreans are super friendly," does not translate to, "Koreans are super helpful and will be trustworthy friends for you when you need someone to translate or help you."
0.955 We are definitely bit by the travel bug now and are already planning our next trip, hopefully to Italy as well. Safe travels to you guys and enjoy your time exploring this beautiful world!
0.954 Wow so beautiful place that you been I love to visit there some year great picture so much.
0.945 Thanks, I love swimming in interesting or beautiful natural bodies of water.
0.944 Beautiful scenery, tons of culture, beautiful and friendly people, great food and wine, oh and cheap.
0.943 ;) Conquer also means "climb successfully." This may not be a mountain but it's also pretty high haha! But sure, 'survived' can work too as well!
0.942 I don't know if they would care, but it would be hard not to be seen unless you were somewhere pretty wild. On the other hand, you can find cheap places to stay, and the locals are really friendly.
0.941 I'm also heavily considering teaching EAL in South Korea as well so this was so great to see for inspiration :D which city were you in specifically?
0.941 if so what are the best ways to do this to save money or safely exchange it, where are the best places to do this?
0.938 The people were incredibly kind, generous and helpful, and I have so many awesome memories of the place.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.944 My second place went pretty well, but was stressful as all hell until finally I was fired illegally after being manhandled.
-0.933 * "first class +150" no thanks ill pass * "coach plus or some bullshit +100" still no * "emergency row +25" seriously?? * I just want a shitty coach seat.
-0.928 plenty of legitimate reasons to dislike UAE but the reasons in this thread are just stupid and reek of ignorant tourist
-0.920 It's like, if you watch a horror movie where people are tortured you feel sick and terrified.
-0.908 These pieces of shit came to America's national park and broke the rules? Arrest and then deport and ban them.
-0.904 So you don't want to go Turkey, Belgium, Germany, France, Bangladesh, Tunisia, Iran, USA and many other countries just because there is a small chance to die from a terrorist attack.
-0.900 The big difference is that in my area of the country my risk of dying by a gun are about the same as me getting killed by choking on a tator tot.
-0.893 Evil, greedy bastards.
-0.886 does it mean that cows kill both people and other cows, and of the two, cows kill more people than cows?
-0.886 The destruction and loss of life going on now is horrific.
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