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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.923 I don't have kids, but my parents, and generally most others, seem to want their kids to be happy and healthy, not deformed and forced into marrying an uncle or cousin.
0.891 That's a good sign that they are trying to improve themselves." I laughed pretty hard at the university.
0.884 But yeah, she is, without doubt, using hers for happy fun drugs time.
0.852 Every time I make a huge pan of it for large breakfasts it's always finished. Thank you Canton, Ohio for the best breakfast ever!
0.840 Wow I sure feel better about my body
0.840 One of my best friends growing up told me around sophomore year she had a secret that she had never told anyone.
0.819 And while that's a reflection of his upbringing, if she can effectively separate her home view from her professional duties, I don't feel being fired is justified.
0.818 If I had a cup like that in my lip I would fill it with Pixie stick powder so I could walk around just dabbing my tongue in sweet goodness.
0.812 I'm in the NYC area and there are some parties that attract very good looking people.
0.802 It's very nice and townsfolk just want to keep it that way; there's not a damn thing wrong with that.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.866 After my wisdom teeth came out I got Tylenol Extra Strength and when I destroyed my shoulder/collar bone/rotary cuff from a bike accident I got some weak ass shit.
-0.862 I have seen people getting kicked out for being rude, for being insulting or for behaving very badly.
-0.848 See also: the knockout game, guys that can only be racist fucks to white folks when they are in a gang and their victim is white and over 70.
-0.848 I love the attempt to blur out the faces, but then they got lazy halfway through and said "Fuck it, no one is going to recognize these people anyways"
-0.848 No bad neighborhood**s** as in it's just one big bad neighborhood.
-0.843 Pine Ridge is a very nasty, violent place.
-0.838 Granted, you probably would not be kicked out for simply putting money on the table, but if you behaved badly or got insulting.
-0.836 No I will not drive back over there just to sniff them for you, you sick fucks!
-0.823 I think heroin fucked her
-0.820 This shit just made me cringe so hard I broke out
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