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0.910 And the best part is, he's convinced the military-loving Republican party that it's a good idea.
0.902 To be fair, his super bowl parties are pretty epic
0.898 They should strive to the best of their abilities as a human subject in the U.S and be a powerful agent of change, whether a CEO, or a governing agent, or a teacher, or a non profit worker.
0.893 Being considered stable with a cardiac event that requires cpr like this is pretty amazing.
0.891 I love how everyone seems to just assume she'd win a second term, and no one thinks Trump could win a second term.
0.888 Carrie Fisher inspired me to be brave, outspoken, and super addicted to pills.
0.881 Wow Trumptards sure are easily triggered when they leave their safe space arnt they.
0.876 Right, but why is there a benefit to the brain to cool it down after the heart is already pumping again and blood circulation has been restored?
0.875 I love this sub's creativity. Dont care if this is "late".
0.875 Well, you don't have to be a citizen to be a Supreme Court Justice so it should be okay.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.954 Fuck him, fuck his family, and fuck you if you feel even an ounce of sadness for this piece of shit's death.
-0.945 Betrayed. Seduced to the establishment type that does accidental kill style assassinations side by a *Criminal Cunt*.
-0.940 I used to not be racist, but all these stupid fucking black people crying about racism has really made me consider it.
-0.938 If all it took for you to become a racists was five teenagers to torture a kid in what everyone is recognizing as a racial attack then you were probably already racist to begin with.
-0.936 And although some people view life in prison as worse than death, most people and our legal system view the penalty as gentler than death.
-0.933 My comment was at -20 and it was really upsetting. I understand why people would think I was lying, and I would too if I were in their position, but I swear to fuck I'm not lying.
-0.931 Holy shit I never truly realized just how bad he fucked her up.
-0.927 There definitely is a threat involved, we just don't know if it's the threat of an "unfortunate accident" or the threat of a Trump presidency that ultimately changed his mind.
-0.927 People were pissed, got a few death threat PMs so I deleted the post because everyone said it "didn't fit the sub".
-0.926 She da bitch playin the bitch disguised as another bitch.
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