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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.950 >I love how Obama won the Nobel peace prize when he did nothing for peace. Yeah, no one got that one, even Obama was confused and gave them a bit of heat at the acceptance.
0.950 The money gets split amongst the children, grand children, great grandchildren, and by the time it reaches the great great grandchildren it doesn't even pay for a college education.
0.948 I just let a bunch of friends try this last night, I love the shit and immediately they all said it was the best vodka they've ever tasted.
0.940 Made fun of hillbillies so much, but that's the beauty of it XD I have to say given my family in Kentucky...
0.939 Did he have strong connections to the party? Lets be clear here - everyone who succeeds has connections at the end, because they're successful, of course they have connections.
0.927 Love, love, is a verb Love is a doing word neb
0.927 Planes gotta be reliable, safe, and fast, but being fast without safe is a death wish for your company.
0.926 As a graduating journalism major I have huge respect for those brave and committed enough to report on important issues that might put their personal safety in jeapodary.
0.923 Merry christmas though, I hope you think aboot how great it is here in Canada and have a nice moose and igluu and maple syrup eh.
0.923 I don't believe this happens, but I'd love to use it as an excuse for why the Saints won their Superbowl.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.967 We offer a third choice *freedom* where the evil nihilism of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi offers only a choice between a painful slavery or a torturous death.
-0.966 death death death death death
-0.961 Stewie and Brian are Roger and Klaus but stewies "I'm a killer, no I'm a gay baby, no I'm a killer etc" gets old.
-0.954 They want to ban the naughty bad boom-boom killing sticks with the scary name that look like what the villains use in XYZ movie.
-0.949 Coffee drinkers have a lower suicide risk, but starting to drink coffee do not lower your suicide risk.
-0.937 Technically, no, since prosecutions for criminal offences are conducted by the "Crown" so in effect, she would be both the defence and the prosecution in a criminal case where she was the accused.
-0.935 Racial tensions were really bad at the time. The fear was a guilty verdict would reignite the riots.
-0.932 On average, 11,000 people are murdered with guns every year, if that were to stay steady it would take 286 years for 1% of the population to die from murder involving firearms.
-0.931 Nigger nigger nigger
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