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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.955 YES YES THATS IT WOW THAT WAS FAST THANKS SO MUCH The part I was typing out happens at like 1:15
0.954 Looked at the entire album, didn't see the one I'm looking for, but I definitely like his work, so thanks :)
0.937 You make my best friend very happy! Solved!
0.924 Not this one, but quite nice too, thanks :)
0.885 It's still awesome creative writing though so credit to the OP for that.
0.883 I am actually posting this on behalf of my best friend, so I cannot really describe much more about the game than this Thank you for replying though
0.879 Thanks but no, its not a song its more of like a documentary, like it takes place in what looks like a suburbs, with big houses and long roads.
0.875 I managed to find it :) [Awesome God - Donnie McClurkin] Thanks for the help guys!
0.872 It's by a French band Sung by a woman Original is pretty slow Remix WAY more popular than the original.
0.866 Merry Christmas everyone and if you need a fun show to have in the background when no kids around, this is great.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.892 It's also good to note that I have had alcohol abuse problems but I have been knocked out multiple times in stupid bar fights, I didn't remember anything.
-0.881 Shit my bad I copied the wrong link https://youtu.be/4D7cPH7DHgA
-0.866 In 1992, he was placed in temporary custody of Oklahoma to stand trial for a 1990 murder, for which he was sentenced to death.
-0.844 Sentenced to prison for a 1991 murder in Staten Island.
-0.797 I don't know of the exact video/song but maybe try The Ting Tings? Also, there's a band called The Ra Ra Riots but they're not sounding like what you're describing.
-0.793 Not terribly new, but The Kills "All These Things I Have Done" sounds kinda similar.
-0.791 A black man trys to rob an old lady lying in her bed.
-0.784 Sadly no :(
-0.767 After seeing a guy freeze to death, I guess you can't say it's positive either.
-0.740 The main character is named Boone and he finds a dead dog out in the street, though I'm not sure if it was run over.
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