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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.878 Sweet Baby Rays <3 love that sauce on everything
0.827 Just saying that to say they love all and can't be nasty disagrees with statistics, which is why we had a hard time finding a home insurance policy when they found we had a husky.
0.819 Not even, it's not a waste if you're doing something you enjoy :)
0.784 Pics plz. Edit: That was awesome, thank you.
0.740 you do realize its good for babies to be exposed to germs so that their immune system gets its full share of experience.
0.691 Looking back on it ~20 years later, that girl is definitely glad her parents let her do this on national television.
0.637 Please someone put the Curb Your Enthusiasm music on this video
0.595 This is so cute
0.586 Thank you :-)
0.572 He's a mix, the perfect storm, someone really rolled a high score in the classic-movie-star-genetic-lottery.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.886 Dachshunds were bred to dig up and kill moles, so they'll kill almost any small furry thing they come across.
-0.735 At worst, sell it as dog food, fertilizer or some shit like that.
-0.735 He's thinking "I fought a war for this"
-0.721 There were reports of people dying in the mud over days if they weren't lucky enough to drown.
-0.691 Otherwise they'd just kill them and haul off the meat.
-0.681 When you've given up on your life goals but are still lying to yourself about it.
-0.671 Male orangutans that do this are called SLFs by some of the scientific community, or Sneaky Little Fuckers.
-0.660 The blinking lights on the sweater are a symptom of terminal cancer.
-0.617 I mean the sweater is fine, but the generation upon generation of inbreeding is really unfortunate.
-0.599 This is animal cruelty.
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