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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.875 Oh wow that's super cool.
0.796 You'll have a great time :)
0.780 I won multiple scholarships/awards on top of coming in with "full" bright futures and I'm still in considerable debt, despite having Pell grants every year and only accepting subsidized loans.
0.756 > Thanks for the help!!!
0.751 Probably not terribly accurate, but it was fun.
0.743 Do you have a good calculator to tell me the odds of winning 262k quarters before going bust with this system?
0.735 Hi, also transgender, most of us do care honestly.
0.709 I use CCs for the rewards, but on top of living very well in a city and travelling frequently my net worth has only gone up, no debts
0.700 I get that people like their memes, and that it can be fun to jump on bandwagons.
0.700 Thanks I did not know the name or even a good way to ask google the question.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.954 Hate. >That's a lot of hate, but how much exactly? >First, about quantifying hatred: Each one of these "hate"s engraved on AM's circuitry denotes a fixed of amount of hatred.
-0.856 I will call the unit representing this amount of hatred a "Nimdok", after a character from the story. >AM does not feel hatred in terms of Nimdoks, though; he feels it in Nimdoks per second.
-0.832 Chance of getting cancer at age 20-34: 0.5 * 0.027 and the percentage of people with cancer whom are 20-34 years old ).
-0.772 But if you don't pee you end up missing 66-88 pisses to your count, and that only makes things worse.
-0.765 It's not for the faint of heart. >One of the more memorable quotes from the story puts into perspective just how much AM hates humans: > Hate.
-0.727 Right, and part of the issue is that for most of those, the murderer wasn't tried for a hate crime or even tried at all.
-0.718 Anything that just involves tedious counting or miles of dick is annoying to me.
-0.710 There's probably some release of liability clause in the license contact between the POS company and the restaurant, so that would put all the blame for any problems on the restaurant.
-0.710 You are the one rejecting any criticism.
-0.691 Or put you in prison and then shoot you.
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