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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.937 I felt that the cliffhanger was probably something that was going to happen but I Put my faith in AMC because honestly everything about 6B has been great.
0.927 On the plus side, it feels like a REALLY awesome credit for a character I play that you never see.
0.897 I treasured choose-your-own-adventure books as a child and Im so happy my adult life enables me to experience the same thrills.
0.891 I normally don't enjoy TWD memes, but you somehow managed to make 150 perfect ones lmao props to you man. Do you have more of these for the other episodes?
0.891 Father Gabriel Stokes wins the award of most improved character in season 7.
0.883 I'm sure he appreciates it, it's memories like that which we enjoy later on in our lives with our fathers.
0.881 OF COURSE you can feel however you want, and in all sincerity your passion is admirable and appreciated .
0.875 Man, I love how this show has become 1 good episode, then 6 episodes of suckass, then 1 good episode, then repeat.
0.875 It's gonna fucking suck for a long time , but if you're able to get some decent medical care in a timely manner you should be generally pretty alright.
0.873 i love tara and am so happy she got her own episode

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.927 But being called names, having my integrity called into question, the "fuck off and die you fuck" PMs I'm sifting through...I'm telling you, you have no idea how gross it is.
-0.912 I know Rick is the main character, but it's so dumb that he kills everyone.
-0.891 Carl will take a gun and sneak back with the saviors trying to kill him, fail, causing Negan to take Carl under his wing.
-0.888 Negan is loud, childish, crude, ridiculous, and dangerous.
-0.888 He is by far the worst villain in any medium I've seen, but he's got so many dimensions to him that makes him hard to hate.
-0.884 If i missed someone named Nico im sorry! People react differently, he was sleeping in a abandoned church and probably doesnt care about being dirty.
-0.881 Imagine if Negan's crew killed as many people in Alexandria first, would Rick & co kill just one guy in Negan's crew?
-0.880 Blah blah blah people want to work with me blah blah you hate those people blah blah so that's your problem not mine.
-0.878 He's sneaky, he hides the truth from Woodbury, he does back dealings and kills people silently like a coward and he completely rapes.
-0.863 I knew Kenny and Jane were both goners a while ago, because when they give you the option to kill a character, it just means they'll die later anyways if you don't.
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