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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.952 Also I adore the laughing, smiling cuties behind them...one little girl twirling like a ballerina, one girl giggling, a little boy skipping his heart out!
0.951 hahahahahahahahah :D awesome win, god this is funny.
0.947 A lot of people are arguing that the fact that it's genderless means no Best Actor and Best Actress award, but just Best Actor/ress award.
0.945 ^^/s *edit* - He replied back with a thanks :D Im happy I can help lol
0.943 Yeah, its gay, but best friends with benefits is different from a lesbian relationship.
0.938 > Instead of Best Actor and Best Actress, they now have Best Actor/Actress. I was confused to what they meant by genderless, that makes a lot more sense now, thanks.
0.927 It's genderless as in they have one category for best song or whatever, and not 2 for best song by a male artist and best song by a female artist.
0.927 Instead of Best Actor and Best Actress, they now have Best Actor/Actress.
0.919 I know it won't change, but catfishing is a fun, easy, and a nice way to get out.
0.911 Or even mostly straight, but with enough bi in there to get worked up enough for sex with a friend of the same gender you already love.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.945 Dude calls for in this Murder Death Kill Homicide Nigga.
-0.944 I'm not saying this dude should have been shot and killed in the street, but what if he killed some kid after stealing the car?
-0.937 I shit in Spain, I've shit in France But before I shit in FL I'll shit my pants
-0.932 Drunk as fuck on some nasty bloaters that werent lsd and could have killed me
-0.926 No one is getting death threats here, no one is threatening legal/political actions, it's people communicating their thoughts.
-0.922 Im more scared of healthy children because if unhealthy ones were trying to chase me down and kill me they would probably die trying to run
-0.922 I fucking hate her goddamn face it pisses me the fuck off
-0.919 Hopefully the bitch will die in prison before she can scam her way into another election on a platform of razing this country
-0.908 Oh I can make a comment and get gol...FUCK I MISSED IT FUCK FUCKING FRICK FUCK FUUUUUUUCK.....................^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^FUCK
-0.906 Cops are so fucking gun shy they're scared of doing anything violent.
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