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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.920 totdat de race in America is, mag hij niet drinken :D :D :D
0.908 wow wow wow Wat een ongelovelijke held.
0.906 I'm pretty confident that nearly everyone on this sub understands English better than a google translate version :)
0.904 Your Canadian allies continue to love and adore our kindest friends!
0.902 Yes what Sent-X said please elaborate on the process of becoming a Dutch citizen. Also welcome to our great nation under the sea.
0.900 I mean, great that you are learning it, but you good man! If you don't speak English and come here only to be taken care of and not to contribute?
0.900 I'd gladly help anyone who has any question about Dutch, I love it when people are genuinely interested in our country and culture.
0.893 But I'd recommend people living in NL to learn it, it makes life so much easier, plus you get more involved in the culture like music, movies etc which is fun IMO!
0.888 If these could exist in the United States without being terribly vandalized, I would be so happy.
0.883 To be honest Dutch spelling is great so I can know how to pronounce a word often better than what I know with English spelling.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.914 Ik mis die lijst van thierry boudet voor pvv'ers die zich te slim voor de pvv en vnl voor pvv'ers die ook geenstijl lezen etc.
-0.914 Denk aan de PTSD die je hiermee opwekt bij die ene user die de originele thread gemaakt heeft. Ik eis toch een in de titel hoor.
-0.900 jaar) besloten de staten generaal "fuck die shit, we fixen het zelf wel weer" En zo ontstond de republiek.
-0.893 Toen ik die van de zomer probeerde te gebruiken werkte die voor geen meter :(
-0.867 Nothing is automatically good or bad, but from my own perspective, racism is a serious thing that needs be stopped.
-0.853 jezus christus, nu al?! fuck this shit!
-0.848 Now it's our time to wage a devastating meme war with /r/The_Donald.
-0.848 Ik denk dat hij doelt op de dead cops now chants die de activisten ooit hielden.
-0.840 Black coffee could be racist, if people take offense to it and maybe tie a few historical details and some racist jokes to it.
-0.840 Blackface is racist when it is interpreted as racist.
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