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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.954 I just want to say thank you Netherlands for being so awesome, thank you for doing such a great tribute for such a great artist, that has now unfortunately passed away.
0.951 This picture shows class, style, respect for a good beautiful dog and a AMAZING smile.
0.939 Good choice OP! Was expecting a VanMoof or something 'hip' but this is soo much better, real classic. Enjoy and have a safe ride!
0.920 totdat de race in America is, mag hij niet drinken :D :D :D
0.919 The guy from the church is gay himself, so yeah, its a pretty happy gay family around here :)
0.914 Its a beautiful wonderful country. tl;dr - attended remembrance ceremonies at Groesbeek, made an fool of myself in front of true royalty, fell in love with your country.
0.914 Haha, yes, Americans love their safety helmets.
0.912 cool picture, many thanks to those who made it and maintain the area and of course the biggest thanks to Canada for making a sacrifice for our freedom!
0.908 wow wow wow Wat een ongelovelijke held.
0.906 I'm pretty confident that nearly everyone on this sub understands English better than a google translate version :)

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.927 Damn, this is totally unrelated but my dog died yesterday and I was pissed I would remember it forever cause of people saying "may the 4th be with you".
-0.914 Ik mis die lijst van thierry boudet voor pvv'ers die zich te slim voor de pvv en vnl voor pvv'ers die ook geenstijl lezen etc.
-0.914 Denk aan de PTSD die je hiermee opwekt bij die ene user die de originele thread gemaakt heeft. Ik eis toch een in de titel hoor.
-0.900 jaar) besloten de staten generaal "fuck die shit, we fixen het zelf wel weer" En zo ontstond de republiek.
-0.896 Major disregarded the enemy fire and kept escorting his prisoners to the Canadian front line.
-0.893 Toen ik die van de zomer probeerde te gebruiken werkte die voor geen meter :(
-0.879 Heartbroken swede here who is so sick of mental health, money and greed go over peoples personal well being.
-0.878 > At eight o'clock on May 4th, the country of the Netherlands falls silent and remembers all war victims from the Second World War on for two minutes.
-0.867 Nothing is automatically good or bad, but from my own perspective, racism is a serious thing that needs be stopped.
-0.853 jezus christus, nu al?! fuck this shit!
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