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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.941 I hoped this place would once again be full of great discussion and content resulting from great effort instead of the shit that has been flooding the sub for last couple months.
0.933 the notion of "playing for fun" is really subjective, i usually find it pretty boring to play pubs so i play competitive for fun.
0.922 lol xd "lol xd" meta amirite guys
0.886 Their aforementioned love and care is a rarity in the modern gaming industry. That being said, I'm likely to shitpost about the awards at some point either way.
0.885 I want to wish good luck for current and the future moderators and other users who still haven't lost hope that one day the sub will get better.
0.878 what kind of computer do you play on? and, yeah this game is awesome on dx9, as someone who played for so long on a potato laptop
0.875 Which is crafted with love and care for both the game itself and the community that adores it.
0.869 My friend joked that he will see me on Good Morning America :p
0.866 Not sure where that statistic came from, and the skull cuter is great protection.
0.863 Maybe encourage people to post their OC bandwagon memes within the original top scoring thread, or save it for one of the megathread days as you said.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.957 I'm not a troll, I'm but another warrior fallen in the battle against shitty webcomics also why would u defend green pixels wtf man
-0.956 1) fuck friendlies 2) fuck hoovys 3) fuck idiots 4) fuck bees 5) fuck valve 6) angry emoji
-0.929 My only problem is that, in a game where chat is a must-have for teamwork and shit, I'm stuck with portuguese and that awful bastardization of spanish that chileans speak.
-0.908 The general rule is to kill the non buffed classes to counter the vacc, you shouldn't be trying to kill the heavys alone.
-0.893 Have you ever caught a STUPID, BLOODY SPY Like...like a real bloody, Frenchy?
-0.883 it got popular because the actor of robbie rotten has cancer and needs money for his cancer treatment
-0.866 here we see an example of absolute terror and fear embodied into one poor man.
-0.856 I know I'm gonna sound like a jaded cunt for saying this but "friendly" players crouching in a corner can go fuck themselves for ruining the game for others.
-0.847 I like how Reddit gets mad at a company "conforms to complaints" but then gets mad when they do something that they don't agree 100% with.
-0.847 The players dont treat each other like shit. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe I'm only seeing part of the problem.
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