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0.979 24 Season 5 hands down - won 5 emmys for best drama, best lead actor, best director, best soundtrack and best editing. It was one of those TV seasons where everything fell into place.
0.951 I rarely hear back from most employers, but that chance strongly increases when a friend helps out, even if it's just a matter of them putting in a good word for you.
0.947 I dunno man, I've loved the last two seasons, which have undoubtedly been fantastic, but seasons 4-6 are all really strong contenders for best season of the show.
0.946 Most people don't get a full week of free time, but I think a lot of binge watchers would happily watch 6-8 hours of TV in a day, if they had the day totally free and had a good show to watch.
0.938 Naturally, all of the shows were in Italian, but some wonderful person uploaded all of the episodes ok YouTube in awesome quality.
0.935 It is tense but if you like the historical side of things, it's definitely one to watch. As always, I highly recommend Downton Abbey, quite possibly my favorite show ever.
0.934 I am a fan of the funny SNL skits, but I agree with trump here- the skits making fun of him are not funny
0.930 It's a great place, really great place with good, hardworking people that I happen to know very, very well.
0.930 Great actor and very funny guy with an amazing sense of comedic timing.
0.928 It was still funny but it seemed like they played a lot of the jokes out too far or they weren't funny.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.930 Furthermore, its idiotic to think and assault weapons ban would prevent these sorts of events.
-0.925 And what would be the problem with that? >As I said, mentally ill and terrorists can legally buy weapons today. Yea, you keep saying that, and it's not true.
-0.909 Seething, "fuck this shit and everyone involved in it" hate.
-0.908 However, if the only time black people are ever cast in that series is as criminals, then there's a problem, because it is enforcing the all-too-common stereotype that all black people are criminals.
-0.908 No wonder for them Trump saying "I grab them by the pussy and THEY LET YOU" = Sexual assault. Weak ass western men...
-0.908 It's probably my dislike of hip hop, gun, and violent crime culture that's prevalent in Atlanta.
-0.904 Murders are almost solely related to socioeconomic status, if you fix poverty in inner-cities, give people jobs, something to work toward, end the war on drugs...
-0.900 You can obviously simultaneously perceive a social problem to exist and fight against that perceived problem and be racist.
-0.897 That republicans are too dumb to tell the difference between real and fake news. I can't help it that you are all butt hurt about Trump losing the popular vote.
-0.897 Not saying racism isn't an issue , but you're complaining about a rude waiter during a structure fire.
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