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0.919 Their website is super helpful regardless, I've used their teardown/rebuild guides for a variety of devices and luckily I have yet to break something in the process :)
0.852 HDMI with cat6 cables is a pretty common and pretty easy thing to do.
0.841 Things like this always make me wonder if it's just by chance that this didn't damage the board or if some engineer anticipated this condition and designed the circuit to be protected
0.816 Well the quarantine worked, and we had good backups, so we are pretty much back by now.
0.802 The cert isn't too difficult or expensive but I haven't seen it make a huge difference in employment opportunity yet either.
0.802 Congratulations, I'm so glad you aren't watching it.
0.792 We think it was from a power surge, but it didn't fail at the connector like the others did
0.789 Off chip, yes, that's true, but not on the die itself.
0.771 I don't know, that actually not so bad I'd probably be impressed if this rolled through my shop tbh
0.765 Please, God, give me strength to not smash my head through the desk.

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-0.871 I don't know if he tried to fix the damage at home and then brought it in, or if he legitimately did that much damage by "throwing it a little" but it's still the worst one I've come across.
-0.856 Ugh, you're a bunch of scam artists, you don't even care!
-0.810 The IT person in me says stay away from these hellish abominations, but the computer engineer in me says fuck it, it should work.
-0.796 They constantly fuck me over with shit internet speeds and spotty uptime.
-0.735 I've had that happen before to at least one camera, now I tend to drill a weep hole in the bottom of the dome when i'm even remotely suspicious about the ceiling/roof above.
-0.726 It was just too big and heavy for what you got - a really shitty screen, an ancient AMD gpu, and no backlit keys.
-0.720 >Those things broke for like no reason. it's really unbelievable that Toshibas are so shitty, and that people still buy them
-0.718 There is also no tab in the middle that you could shove a pencil into and ruin
-0.710 I have done something similar. I broke my s4 and the glass shattered on it.
-0.700 Microsoft just basically replace a damaged or defective Surface if it's under their warranty.
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