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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.972 Lots of people enjoy the finer things in life, but those of us with courtesy like to share our discoveries with our friends, and try to help everyone have a better life.
0.967 One thing we can all agree on: Let's not criticize other people's drink choices. If you like tea - enjoy! If you like coffee - enjoy! If you like cocoa - enjoy!
0.953 Wow, the coffee place is amazing, I like the prints! ON: Love the tea shelf, I get calm just looking at it!
0.951 Really though, thanks for your kind words and I wish you a great deal of luck on your art-learning journey!!
0.942 haha okay good :) I was just rewatching the series and that line made me laugh out loud and I had to share it with y'all!
0.937 Whether local, rich, and hardy to get you through the day, or a varying delight to tantalise you; they all experiment and do what they think is best.
0.937 They usually enthusiastically bring up some super sweet super flavored tea that they had one time.
0.936 It's really no different than enjoying a craft beer, and enjoying Miller High Life, enjoying a foodie-fancy beautifully constructed artisan burger, and a good greasy diner burger.
0.930 like once in a great great while my mom would make tea when sitting with friends
0.930 Tea is life, tea is zen, but at the end of the day it's a beverage made of leaves in water so I hope it makes you happy no matter how you choose to enjoy it.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.944 So you could have martial gong fu, or painting gong fu, or janitorial gong fu even.
-0.900 I wish I felt that way, but my tea always tastes really bad :C
-0.898 Hate tea drinks though I will set aside differences to hate a common enemy.
-0.886 Both gong fu and kung fu mean "deliberate movement" or "practiced movement". HTH.
-0.886 Kung fu is the Canto way gong fu is the Mando both are Romanizations
-0.879 I'm not sure what their paints and porcelaine they might be using, but whatever they are they musn't be super great.
-0.840 I have one of these, but the heating element is broken :(
-0.840 I had a bad experience with bitter tea when I was a kid and figured milk would take the bitterness out
-0.840 That shit fucked up.
-0.838 They argued that there have been 15 cases were people have died from kratom related cause, but all that means is that they had kratom in their system when they died.
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