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0.970 Haha oh my god, thanks so much to whoever decided to grace me with Gold :D I'm overwhelmed, I didn't expect more than a quarter of the amazing response I've gotten, it's very heartwarming!
0.966 He seems like a lovely person with an equally lovely nose and even more so equally lovely friend with a great tattoo to remember every drop of love..or drip, if you will.
0.965 I love this, I swore I would only get tattoos if it was something like this, a piece that told a story and this fits the bill perfectly love it and the wood effect, great work.
0.962 Not my style, but actually the first geometric tattoo I see which looks pretty good and is thought through in regards of how it best translates to and transforms onto the body. Nice work.
0.960 wow one of the best I've seen, that looks amazing. Congrats mate :)
0.955 Thanks for sharing this, such a great tribute to your friend and he did have a fantastic nose ;)
0.950 Love the pixilated finish on your hand, love the colours, love the detail.
0.948 I absolutely love love LOVE this!
0.947 Not free hand, stencil (: Mostly if something is free hand Megan Jean will do it in black and grey
0.946 A lot of people get tattoos that dont compliment the movement of their bodies but this one works very well- congrats on your first tatt and welcome to the addiction :)

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.927 I dislike thinking of people who sit through long sessions as being tougher than others but damn you must have been able to suffer through a lot of sore skin to finish that!!
-0.926 Holy shit the artist fucked up the actual geometry so bad though.
-0.910 Knowing that she had to bare it for the rest of her life, no matter how shitty it turned out to be, scared me to death.
-0.905 I'm not here to praise you or put you down because any tattoo I get is for me and fuck any criticism but damn that could not have been fun to sit through.
-0.883 No way I could get through Breaking Bad in only 3 days, that's a hell of a binge.
-0.877 So sorry for your loss, cancer sucks!
-0.875 raped and murdered his wife?"
-0.872 I think these look so dope and I really want to get one of these but my biggest fear is that they'll end up being as played-out and shitty looking as tribals are now.
-0.868 sick as hell dude!!!
-0.859 Damaging that piece of art would be a colossal shame. I will say that it's kind of a shame that the art styles between your back and your sleeve are so different, makes them clash a little.
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