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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.873 I never heard of this program before and just knowing something like this exists make the story at least twice as funny XD
0.827 Other than taking your descriptive parts out of the green quote for ease of reading, It looks good. I enjoyed that.
0.827 My best friend and I used it as an excuse to drink to excess.
0.822 Great trick and I applaud you for it - but now this user thinks that anything deleted can be redone, hope you headed that off at the pass somehow!
0.817 I feel like we would be more useful because they we could actually focus on improving the environment rather than patching small issues that come up.
0.814 Pretty sure the only one without shit reviews is MEGA
0.771 Thanks guys for brightening my day!
0.765 That sounds awesome, any link to more information about how to do this with a hex editor in case I ever need to recover a PST like that?
0.735 Oh man that sounds like the perfect cause to go that long.
0.735 Good luck finding someone else to do this for free!"

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.878 Someone at your office is into something they shouldn't be doing, and it could be illegal in the criminal sense, or just a wrong against the company.
-0.878 The ''err derp iTunes sucks'' meme died in 2011 with iOS 5, no need to beat a dead horse
-0.863 We use AD too, but as a lowly L1 I just get to unlock accounts and change passwords ~~and wonder how the fuck you managed to forget your password over the weekend~~.
-0.859 Unfortunately, if you have a piss weak boss sometimes no matter what you do they still find a way to screw you.
-0.828 I'd rather have Puccini or Verdi, but it's not in the cards for this season, sadly, outside of Austin Opera. EDIT: At least it's not Gilbert & Sullivan, and no, I'm not counting Requiem, god dammit.
-0.823 I always hated walking people through restarting the stupid things and explaining the home button to them.
-0.818 What the hell is this madness?
-0.791 Because for some reason I kept accidentally moving the mouse to the wrong screen and I'm too lazy to physically move the monitors AND change the settings.
-0.764 So this poor little bastard has to go through the whole inbox of the user who left?
-0.754 I mean, I know it's not a good idea, but I think you should be allowed to tell your boss to fuck off if it's after hours and outside the work place without it being ground for termination.
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