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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.961 Things like antivirus, web hosting, phone systems, 3rd party software, ERP support, support contracts, support packages, support, support, support.
0.949 When asking for help, you get the best and most effective help by being helpful with the details, the question, and updating the info at the top so everyone does not have to scour the comments.
0.921 Winter is between 0-5 degrees Celsius which is pretty much shittier than -10 for some reason. I fucking love this country though it's really relaxed and amazing.
0.920 I have since transitioned into becoming a senior systems engineer in the IT field and I love it. Do what you love and makes you happy.
0.912 I had one of my best programmers accept a counteroffer, and continue on to great success, but I'm pretty chill and don't take it personally.
0.905 Depending on what your VM / Backup environment looks like, you might not need to worry about buying a passwordstate HA module. We love passwordstate where I am.
0.902 If you have to just be a tech, then just be a tech. While /u/cranksysadmin's advice is excellent in most points, he's advocating that you do small bits of heroism towards a heroic goal.
0.901 I see the control section, but in the reference doc on how to enable HA, it says I need to enable stateful HA as well.
0.901 Hug your family and your friends tight and don't forget to tell them you love them.
0.901 Full PostScript support, even if you don't need it, tends to get you a more advanced & capable printer engine that handles those uncommon complex print jobs better than a less advanced printer would.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.947 That is fake as fuck, but here's my response if it wasn't. If I was the owner/CEO of said company, and it did cause $250M in damage, I would pay to have the guy killed.
-0.935 One can kill you, and the other will just make you a cranky little bitch. Physical withdrawal doesn't need to kill you to be considered physical withdrawal.
-0.911 I don't deny you don't think they are bad now, but they really weren't that bad before and the hate was really blown out of proportion.
-0.910 Sometimes people are insecure, scared or angry about things that have fuck all to do with you and your work.
-0.888 spam spam spam spam spam
-0.884 DEATH TO PRINTERS." > "Yes, because it's not like every other developed country is doing the same shit.
-0.872 I'm still an evil CEO, so I'd still have him killed though, just because.
-0.872 If I can scare a low level employee into ignoring policy, that tells me the company is susceptible to all sorts of other social engineering attacks.
-0.863 I mean, she might be technically correct according to company policy , but IMO it's a dick move, and terrible for morale.
-0.859 That sounds horribly immoral, sad that he forces you to do that.
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