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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.827 Bonus is that the area is one of the best to see the [northern lights].
0.778 Wow, att jag inte mrkte det haha.
0.772 Take a look at [Hga kustenleden] and [Bohusleden] too, they're located in beautiful areas and are popular hiking trails too.
0.765 Wow nice backpedaling there
0.750 [Dalahst] [Snus] I hope you'll enjoy your stay!
0.727 Betydligt rimligare n medicin eller fysik i alla fall. Motiveringen till att han fr priset: > For having created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition
0.681 Trodde att om man bor hr s ska man se till att integreras i frsta hand, och inte lta varje minoritet ha egna kulturer som vi behver anpassa oss till.
0.670 It's a fun joke.
0.637 I love you Sweden.
0.637 Sjlv har jag gg lax revben janssons kttbullar prinskorv sill rdbetssallad skert ngot mer men det r vad jag kommit p :)

Ten Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.874 There's a big risk of plenty of snow and bad weather, it could probably get dangerous, especially if you're alone.
-0.867 This was probably the right thing to do in this case, but a few years ago a female zoo keeper was killed by the wolves when she was there alone.
-0.848 It's not racism but they are still singling out a group of people and spreading hate and fear about them.
-0.790 "Suck it up bitch!
-0.700 can you just stop bringing shitty politics into everything?
-0.700 Nstan 10 Pita frn clg har bott i Sverige och spelat i svenska lag vldigt mycket under 1.6 tiden. 10 Fransmnn Faze G2 Envyus ven 10 Danskar med.
-0.691 Stop stopping right in front of me :(
-0.681 No, they wanted to prioritize those before roads which is stupid.
-0.660 Jag fr cancer av att bara titta p lappen.
-0.643 > negativiteten runt ordet invandrare/neger r ungefr likadan Can't make this shit up...
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