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0.966 It's already in the guide :D > Boots of Swiftness are also a fantastic buy at the moment, due to Frost Queen's Claim active being extremely strong. And thank you for the kind words!
0.966 yeah, prone to feeding. Thanks man, really appreciate that comment, you guys are amazing here on reddit, seriously, beautiful amazing, 100% gotta agree on that, wow...Yup...beautiful.
0.964 Is it like 5 best friends chillin 24/7 or more like a buisness relationship? Again, Ty for doing this AMA and good luck in the upcoming LCS games!
0.958 :3 It's sooooo complete, the ticker is great, the idea is awesome, the HUD is clean and perfect.
0.953 I'd pair him with another poke support like Sona, or, Since Ez is already a super-safe adc, with Bard, who has a good poke and can freely roam without the risk of Ez getting easily caught.
0.953 I tend to be pretty mediocre at last hitting so when I go mid lane I play champions like Mordekaiser, Chogath, and Brand who can easily clear minions with the help of skills.
0.952 What that lacks though is the ability to keep up in real time, so the best would be if they could do stuff like highlight a champion or something during a play.
0.952 It took me 48 wins, out of 60 games I think, with both the day xp boost and the win xp boost.
0.952 Being diamond I'm sure your aware that everyone just makes a champ pool of champs that they either really like or are strong picks and they only pay those champs to climb.
0.951 It's probably a bit out-dated , but if I can find it maybe I'll do an update version of it...or just write my own, haha! Also, I'm really happy you enjoyed it!

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-0.976 A Caitlyn died and had absolutely no way to get a kill while being death so the Morgana Q, W'd the enemy ADC to pick up the kill and yet the Caitlyn STILL got mad and flamed the support for KS.
-0.969 The gank failed, and my freeze was instantly destroyed. He also, after failing that poor gank which brutally fucked me over, taxed the minions.
-0.967 On top of that you are not doing anything as you're dead, so no exp, no cs, no fighting, you are useless while you are dead.
-0.964 Hes playing very defensively and missing a few kills. Enemy bot is running like hell towards tower, hes soo close to death so I use my stun and it kills him.
-0.963 Nobody is trying to patronise anybody, but if the choice is between be a dick or don't be a dick, then don't be a dick > be a dick, every time.
-0.957 I usually hate when I follow a shit gank, fail to get the kill just to see when I come back that I lost 12 minions .
-0.955 >At least in lower ELO's people will forget that after getting killed four or five times, trying to kill you will give them less gold than killing the minion wave now pushed to the tower.
-0.953 I would get a kill and get flamed for it, then later on I would back off so the ADC could get the kill, and get flamed for not auto-attacking to secure the kill.
-0.953 Holy shiet these are some NASTY ASS strats dude, disgusting, i vomited ima try this shit right now
-0.950 If someone from the enemy team can abuse your teammate why can't you abuse someone from the enemy team just as hard?
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