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0.930 I have A LOT of Gildan shirts and I would have to agree the DryBlend is the best, it's honestly a great shirt.
0.925 Yeah I love these jeans, I picked them about a couple years ago and have tried my best to keep them nice.
0.893 Just be like "Wow thanks I like them so much that I will keep them on display."
0.888 The reverse weave line and generally there more expensive stuff is actually quality then when you get to pieces like this or any Champion on like Amazon it's straight trash.
0.888 Try out H&M joggers, they're pretty cheap, fit good and look good
0.886 I'm 175 6' and I have the champion reverse weaves in medium and I like that fit, do these fit similar or should I for large?
0.875 But I like the jacket and shirt best of luck to you!
0.872 I fuckin love you dude yeah ik it sells out real quick so I appreciate you trying.
0.869 Gum sole would've been great too, but red is definitely nice.
0.866 please enlighten me o great one

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.925 So my first pair of Yeezy's will be coming in on Friday and I'm so fucking hyped about it but none of my friends are into this shit so I have no one to be hyped with.
-0.905 it was all hyped up a few months ago but no new fire being dropped has made it die down
-0.888 Jesus I thought you were just bein opinionated but fuck those are bad
-0.883 why do you wear combat boots if its painfully obvious that you would be weak in battle
-0.836 smokings bad for u and it gives u cancer and shortens ur lifespan by at least 10 years
-0.796 what the fuck is this shit all about
-0.784 It's also ugly as shit
-0.784 Raf Simons makes ugly shit 6.
-0.782 I don't love the middle fingers patch - it seems edgy as fuck to me - and I don't really understand the stance socks logo on the front.
-0.778 You are copping some hate for the shoes but I think they look sick my man
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