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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.941 To play upload your first video for free then pay .99 cents to upload unlimited videos if your video has the most likes you will win the daily cash prize!
0.902 We have just started a new website and I believe your tool would be useful to do start dipping our toes into SEO :) Good luck!
0.902 Also, try to get some physical products, like stuff guys want and that are expensive but that you can offer at a lower price Keep up the good work and good luck!
0.897 Personally running out of it but now I got a business on the rails and I'm so happy I started when I was 18 because it took me that much time to get there. Seems like you get it though.
0.896 I truly wish you and your startup to succeed :)
0.893 Wow, thanks for the excellent explaination!
0.893 If you just give me a coupon, then you are just some company trying to sell to me. If my best friend Joe gives me a coupon, I trust Joe's opinion more than any blog or online review.
0.881 I would love to help out cute little shelter dogs / cats, especially if I could check in on them whenever I want .
0.878 The reason is the new Uber app is kinda kicking our asses because it's so awesome hahaha.
0.875 Startups and PhD programs share a certain trait: if you have any kind of backup plan, any fallback, any alternative to succeeding, you will not work hard enough to succeed.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.827 If you can't grow because corporate is slowing you down, then either you're not a startup or you're doomed to fail.
-0.778 Way more startups have been killed by procrastination and lack of dedication than by the competition.
-0.727 In large part, this is bullshit, in that it misunderstands who an MBA is for.
-0.700 It doesn't cost *that* much and if they start losing organic traffic now they'll be screwed.
-0.691 You'll also want to ensure there's language that allows you to reset your rate from time to time. Hourly is another way, but it's probably the worst of the options.
-0.668 What I want is "Look how we can make this dumb task you do faster and better." tl;dr: Your pitch is confusing and bloated.
-0.660 I've watched several founders ignore this advice and wait too long and the results are always painful for everyone involved.
-0.649 With that said, your tool would've been killer for me.
-0.625 **URL**: www.slick.gifts **Purpose**: Solves the problem of getting bad gifts . **Technologies Used**: Ruby on Rails **Feedback Requested**: Any.
-0.619 I have pretty low morals but CP is disgusting and I wouldn't tolerate the suggestion of CP but that is just me. From a technical perspective, I wouldn't really know where to begin.
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